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Went to PAX East and all I got was this lousy photo

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hexig, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. hexig

    hexig Lieutenant

    And by lousy I mean friggin' AMAZING!


    I managed to be at the booth at just about the time the line was forming, so I didn't even have to wait very long. I also got a couple posters signed by both Chris and Erin.

    Oh, and I also got to play a demo of the DFM; it was very cool!
    mywatchbegins, Walex, BluChew and 8 others want to buy you a beer.
  2. Tyronne

    Tyronne Commander

    Glad you got to meet our leader! I keep imagining that there would be a huge line to see CR, but then I realized that not to many people know about Star Citizen (Which is a good and a bad thing). Either way, good to see that you made it up there! :D
  3. EbeneezerSpluge

    EbeneezerSpluge Lieutenant

    Dude that's awesome. Good work.
  4. Holy crap, you son of a [redacted]! Nicely done!
    JoeCool4433 wants to buy you a beer.
  5. zeddie

    zeddie Captain

    that BOMB (THEM) ALL! Poster looks pretty awesome!
  6. Worm

    Worm Lieutenant

    Have to admit I'm pretty damn jealous! The posters look fantastic!
    So... did you successfully crash in the DFM?
    napoleon85 wants to buy you a beer.
  7. JoeCool4433

    JoeCool4433 Wisdom-Master Staff Member

    That's cool as hell. Hope you got one of those posters for your wall!
  8. SeungRyul

    SeungRyul Spreader of Truth / Master of Hamsters Staff Member

  9. Maisasur

    Maisasur Lieutenant

    You lucky man, that is very cool.
  10. king3vbo

    king3vbo Lieutenant

    So you haven't showered, right? Gotta keep that delicious Roberts smell on you for as long as possible!
  11. Walex

    Walex Captain

    Damn, I am very envious! PAX East is awesome! I think when I went in 2010 I spent more time with the indie games, as all the devs were there to answer questions. The panels were also incredible. That was the first live demo of Deus Ex: HR, if I remember.

    Oh, and here's some dogfighting to drool over (in case anyone else missed it, like me). I need to change my pants right fast!
  12. Skadar

    Skadar Lieutenant

    Every time PAX rolls around I think to myself, "Maybe I should go to PAX. Why didn't I make plans to go to PAX?"
  13. Walex

    Walex Captain

    To be fair 3-day passes sell out faster than most mainstream concert tickets. You have to be on that shit like Donkey Kong. I hope I'll make it back to PAX Prime or PAX East soon.
  14. hexig

    hexig Lieutenant


    It actually took three attempts to get it working correctly, although to be fair one of the two failures was only due to the guy who was showing me how all it works crashing me into a structure and breaking one of my thrusters, sending me spinning out of control.
    Worm, Tyronne and Walex want to buy you a beer.
  15. chrizz

    chrizz Commander

    damn those posters....wanna sell them?
  16. Azurith

    Azurith Lieutenant

    Your like... the meat in a Roberts sammich.
  17. Kessel Runner

    Kessel Runner Lieutenant

    I got to fly for a bit and meet the AI programmer. BTW: Although nice, AI programmers are an "interesting" lot.
  18. starkestrel

    starkestrel Commander

    Did he have robot hands?
  19. Kessel Runner

    Kessel Runner Lieutenant

    Haha, nay, a robot brain.

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