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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    Yeah good. I’m back in Oregon visiting my wife’s family. If that whole compulsory $180 PCR testing was still a thing….she would have needed to drag me kicking and screaming across the border. That money’s for internet spaceships!
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    Yeah the antigen test is sadly not the best. The PCR is what I’ve been getting at work. Unless you’re getting it at work or whatever it’s, unfortunately, prohibitively expensive. When I flew out of LAX last year, I had to pay for mine and it was $180. Yikes.
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    3.17.2 IS LIVE!

    So....CIG thinks they messed up somewhere and gave too much for the Stipend. Expect Space IRS to claw it back. Quick! Spend all your UEC!
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    Can we start a Global Warming thread?

    Perhaps it's just me but I don't think this is the best venue for this often contentious topic. We're primarily a gaming community after all. I mean..the COVID thread was kind of a one off due to the extraordinary circumstances around it...we should leave it at that.
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    90k player accounts away from 4 million

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    Webb Space Telescope Takes Flight

    Very cool! I was a kid when Hubble went up. That was a big deal back then. Fingers crossed we'll see some crazy images from Webb as well!
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    Finally Made it to Space

    Eww...more Canadians.
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    🍁🇺🇸 Happy Canada Day and 4th of July!

    Timbits for everyone!
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    The Starfield vs Star Citizen Controversy

    Apples v Oranges really. Starfield might hurt SQ42 but Star Citizen? Nah Fam…different breeds.
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    HOTAS/HOSAS setup upgrade

    Fuckin glorious. :o7:
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    Fit's like a glove .

    And that ship in turn fitting in an even bigger ship!
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    Star Citizen reacts to Banu Merchantman update

    I kinda like the smoothed aesthetic and ‘organic’ looking curves vis a vis the previous ‘spiky’ concept art. If I want spikes and jagged edges….I’ll get Vanduul ships or something. It’s all about the interior anyway.
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    Star Citizen reacts to Banu Merchantman update's certainly my most anticipated ship since the Carrack. Fighters and gunships are cool and all but nothing beats big ships like these babies.
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    Star Citizen reacts to Banu Merchantman update

    "I like my mah spaceships like my women, curvy" - Frank Lloyd Wright...maybe.
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