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    Xenothreat - Ares Ion vs Retaliator and Eclipse

    @White Lando I wanted to add that I appreciate you doing the math :) It would be interesting to see what the hit point pool on the Idris actually is, so we could get an idea of how much work it would be for each ship. I've used the Ion (pre-nerf) to solo the Idris in the Arlington Gang...
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    New here ready to crash and have fun.

    "New here ready to crash and have fun." Welcome! This is TEST. "Crash" and "Have Fun" are synonymous. Often accompanied, encouraged, and enabled by flying under the influence .. Jump into Discord and join the active crew there!
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    Xenothreat - Ares Ion vs Retaliator and Eclipse

    @White Lando A fair question, especially since all of these ships have limited application and/or serious drawbacks. So my thoughts - Which ship really depends on how you want to play. Cliche, yes, but true. Using DPS as a guide is going to be misleading. Bombers are tools of opportunity, as...
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    Which is a good couple of ships to start with.

    Catch up with me sometime and you can fly mine. It is not yet a terribly useful ship; John Crewe has stated he doesn't consider it a medium fighter. CR called it a 'resilient datarunner' at release. It's undergunned, has no missiles, using the EMP is fussy, and is less agile than a light...
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    New Pilot reporting for Duty

    Welcome back :) I was an EvE Uni instructor for a while, specialized in scouting and EW ops. The BoB wars pulled me out to 0.0 and I stayed with the game for about 10 years before giving up on the path the developer was taking. And personally, Archer. You can change the question conditions...
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    Which is a good couple of ships to start with.

    Your 315p is a solid ship that allows play in a couple of areas now and has much more gameplay on the way. This is the ship that hooked me into SC and I always keep at least one around. It is not geared toward PvP but handles PvE quite well. It's fast, has outstanding QT range for it's size...
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    Ares Inferno vs ERT

    Despite all the changes the Vanguards have endured, they are still very solid ships. Until the Ares were released, I was running ERT's in the Sentinel. It's fitted with GVSR's on the nose to burn smaller ships. I switch those off and turn on the Size 5 Omnisky for the HH. It's nowhere near as...
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    Heellllllppppppp!!!!!!! Help and advice needed

    There is another option besides wracking through your existing Windows install - set up a completely separate SSD. This may sound like a pain in the ass as well; might be for you. But I've found a number of reasons to have multiple SSD's with different op systems/configurations, and it is BY...
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    Star Citizen 2022. High hopes, low expectations.

    Been feeling for a while now that when it happens, we will get more than just Pyro. The gameplay reveal at CitizenCon demonstrated a very important point - that there is more content going into these systems than just the landing zones listing in the ARC Starmap. It will be awesome (and...
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    what is yalls opinions on org taxes?

    Taxes..??? I'll figure my own donations to the beer fund, thank you very much AND You can pry my calculator from my cold, dead hands... (which happens a couple of times a week in this patch, at least, and as I have yet to make it back to my body, it's there for the taking). @Lordgarrett99 not...
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    Second thoughts on the Odyssey

    Some mostly coherent thoughts on your questions.. Corsair is very unlikely to fit in an Endeavor. Cutty is supposed to, Apollo has been hinted as 'possibly'. 600i is getting a major interior rework to include a med bed. The gameplay provided is expected to go well beyond what the Corsair will...
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    New Years resolutions 2022

    To engage on Discord, and get back into the TEST events. There are folks here putting a lot of effort into the "GAME" aspect of TEST gaming. Other 'resolutions' are already happening as actions :)
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    🎄Merry Christmas (TESTivus)🎄

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good Holiday Season, whatever you prefer to call it. For all of you who engage here on the forums, THANK YOU, for the gift of your time and thoughts. I shall be TESTing some fully leaded eggnog in your honor tonight today immediately.
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    Drake Cutlass Steel?

    Part of the problem at hand is that CIG has not fully explained the injury levels and related treatments. So, more to come. Conceptually though, it seems to run along these lines - medpen = mask symptoms multitool = mask symptoms with less chance of overdose magic med raygun = better healing...
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    Ares Ion is nerfed to crap in the PTU

    Hey.. now there is an idea. They might be expensive LTI tokens, but since they are paid for... hmmm. I do have a BMM ccu that hasn't been used yet..
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