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    Where were you on 9/11?

    Just got out of bed and entering the living room right before the second crash
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    To the verse

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    Star Citizen Mercury Star Runner Giveaway

    I'll be using my gaming mouse to fly a....gaming mouse?
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    Choosing a Home Defense Weapon

    Got it covered!
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    Bye TikTok

    Ban right away!
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    Ashes of Creation, what New World wanted to be?

    A very ambitious project for the MMORPG world, very much looking forward to it.
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    Giving away a Red Subsriber Multi-Tool - Winner is Sintha

    If this had a little bit of damage on the front it would look like the end of a shotgun that exploded or cut in half by a light saber
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    Hello from NC

    Welcome aboard!, also from North Carolina here. It was a trick question, the Sisko was the correct answer.
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    Glad to be here!

    Welcome a broad..I mean ab bored....ord......have a drink!
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    Hello everyone

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    H O L Y C R A P O L A

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    Just a FYI if you wanna make some changes and get store credit

    Yeah I upgraded to the Carrack to the Orin myself, I can not wait for it in-game.
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