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    I'm all set - Disregard :)

    I've got an old freelancer LTi package which is the ideal starter for anyone but I'd have to buy it back which means I'd have to pay ripoff £pounds then even more rip of +20% tax £pounds then sell it back to you for dollars at a bad exchange rate :( I hate the UK. If anyone want's to put me up...
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    Cyberpunk release date pushed back

    Noo I wanted this. I'd rather it not be a biggy POS though so,.....oh well.
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    Some juicy Crytek news to wrap up the week for you

    Who's Crytek? Aren't they those peeps who made a game 10 years ago??
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    Just a FYI if you wanna make some changes and get store credit

    All the exploration packs are pimp value. Buy them.
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    Join test in The Division 2!

    Yeh I picked it up for 12.50 too - having fun so far just me and my buddy playing it. anyone else wants a go let me know!
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    Watching some SC streams kind of makes me sad

    You're talking about Chris Roberts, right?
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    Credit card bill arrives... wtf did I spend money on?

    I have to pay ladies to like me which is why I cannot afford to buy any more ships. Hey thinking about it, if you guys can find one that likes me, just for who I am, then I will be able to put all the money into buying ships for TEST armada instead? Surely this is a much more efficient way of...
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    Mining Head information

    All this mining talk almost makes me want to buy my prospector back!!
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    Yehhhhh.but….it' yellow tho is it?
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    PC Advice. Keypads/GPUs etc.

    It's the new patch. Can be very stutter. 3.7.2 was smooth as a glass baby's ass!
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    PC Advice. Keypads/GPUs etc.

    Talking about peripherals, my little cousin now has my second t16000m so I am looking around at what to get. Also looking at gameglass gonna give that a try on my spare old android if that works. FYI still on my old as the hills i7 3770k but have upgraded the ram from 16 to 24 and have a...
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    Here's the Crusader Ares

    Well I just applied my ares inferno upgrade. Time to try out the hurricane!
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    Here's the Crusader Ares

    ^^^ Both of those are facking scary.
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    Squadron 42 visual teaser... Let the discussion commence

    nor me - that said I really enjoyed mass effect so if they can get SQ42 like a much more modern version of that I will be very happy.
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