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    Hi im chiivie

    Hi there!
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    3080 Monitors

    I think really theres two things you can have with monitors: 1. is great latency and framerate e.h. 144 1ms or 240 1ms 2. is great contrast and colour balance and this is where most of the cheaper gaming monitors fall down. If you want 1 and 2 then you need to get your credit card out and...
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    Update: Wykstrom has passed - Star Citizen community and Capt Richard raised $17k for Wykstrom!

    I like to think he is sitting on a big cloud, who's shape reminds us of a carrack, with a test beer watching the latest inside star citizen on the 90" 8k tv god lent him. :o7::like::thump:
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    New 3k series video cards

    Haha. You should!!
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    Update: Wykstrom has passed - Star Citizen community and Capt Richard raised $17k for Wykstrom!

    Man that is so sad. :( The American health care system makes me absolutely sick. :(
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    New 3k series video cards

    Makes me glad I decided to stick with my water-cooled Radeon VII for now as I knew those "launch prices" were waaaay too good to be true. I've kinda grown up when it comes to hardware now, I don't care to be the most fashionable kid boasting in the chat, and I certainly no longer feel the need...
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    How do you like some S10 turrets at Port Olisar?

    Sounds like my Aurora.
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    Industry Ships with Advanced Sensors Suite can detect minerals. UPDATED 10/13/19

    Ooh! Cant wait to try this in my terrapin!!
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    Remove Claimjumpers Mission

    Man I never really got a close look at them as by the time I get less that 5 clicks away they're already exploding thanks to my freelancer MIS!!! MIS is love MIS is life.
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    Hello All

    Hello and welcome to test!!! with us..... Have fun!
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    Mercury Cult - ASSEMBLE!

    Is anyone else just gonna use their mercury as a glorified camper van, but with enough cpu power to run Crysis on the evenings and weekends???
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    Ship Showdown - The Eliminator.

    Carrack is live, Carrack is life.
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    EA pisses players off again

    Wait! People still buy EA games???!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAhahahaahahahahahahahahah!
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    I'm running a Star Citizen Screenshot Contest NOW; ends Sept 25th can we possibly compete with MrHasgaha ??!?!! What is the point of even entering a screenshot or video contest............against his might??
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