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    Test Squadron Rally Team - Calling All Racers

    I would probably be interested in any role ☺️
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    Quest 2 has arrived!

    ooo let me know how you like it
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    IAE Sales 2950

    As long as you bring beer ill cook something up :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:
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    IAE Sales 2950

    Damn... its only been 3 months :O Thanks for the vouch!
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    IAE Sales 2950

    Ah good point forgot about the internet not being a safe space :D ill update my post in a few
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    IAE Sales 2950

    If anyone is looking to make purchases during the sale, feel free to hit me up to be a middle man. I am looking to boost up my Concierge rank. :drunk: I don't have any tax charges in my area, so I will be charging 5% PayPal fee + item base price. RSI does have a limit on gifting, though, so I...
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    Megasonni jumping aboard

    Welcome! For fleet things, if you hop over to our Guilded hub we have an events calendar where we post up things we do. Usually we have combat flight training on saturdays, and are starting to do FPS stuff on sundays. If you are looking for people to play with though you can find people...
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    Mining Leaderboard - September : CLOSED - Winner posted within.

    from earlier this month... some shitty runs XD
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    Screenshots from last night's ROC Opera

    If only I was recording for @Lima-Seven amazing lag spike :drunk:
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    Coming in hot!

    Welcome!! What branch were you?
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