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    Operation Silent Eagle - CFT October 10th 20:00 UTC

    I will try to be there but as has happened on other saturday events, I struggle to meet the 2pm start time. Of course I can never guarantee my internet will be friendly either.
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    What ship is this.

    But what about Quantum fuel?
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    What ship is this.

    Thank you. Its funny, I was looking at it backwards thinking the side with the ramp was the front.
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    What ship is this.

    So I have ran by this pic a dozen times are or more at the ship shop at Lorville but I finally stopped and looked at the picture. Anyone know what ship this is?
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    Mercury Cult - Now on Live! Go Fly!

    Not trying to say I am interested or anything. I mean really who would buy this ship anyway, it's not like it will add anything to game play or be worth any kind of investment Meanwhile in my hanger:
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    Nvidia event is starting now

    LOL with the Push pull concept I will have to reconfigure my case or I be will venting the heat of the rear fan right onto my 3 M.2 drives. Hmm might have to take another look at the ASUS.
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    Nvidia event is starting now

    I actually like the push pull concept myself
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    Nvidia event is starting now

    3090 is the new titan card release of Sept 24 [I think it was] (starting at $1499) 3080 will be half the price of the 2080 ti and run way faster with improved cooling, release of Sept 17 (starting at$699) 3070 will perform as good or better than the 2080ti as well better cooling but not the...
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    Nvidia event is starting now

    The NVIDIA announcement is starting now:
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    Old mans Ryzen 9 3950X Build

    Isn't that what a good host does? Of course you can't drink alone now can you... unless you are alone and prefer it that way then of course it's perfectly fine.
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    Is the position of Drunk Guy taken?? (Hello!)

    Welcome to test, stay lit enough to enjoy warm beer and you will fit in just fine.
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    Old mans Ryzen 9 3950X Build

    Components: Chassis: Thermaltake Core P90 Tempered Glass Black ATX Mid Tower Open Frame 2-Sided Glass Viewing, Tt LCS Certified Gaming Computer Case Chassis, CA-1J8-00M1WN-00 PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 850W 80+ Gold Smart Zero 256-Color RGB Fan Fully Modular Power Supply 10 YR...
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    New System

    Intel pissd me off with their usual antics so I promised myself my next build would be an AMD. Intel kept repackaging the same crap until AMD lit a fire under their arse. So your 10900k might be faster than my 3950X, but I am happy with what I got. Congrats on your new build by the way, that is...
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    Hello TEST

    Welcome to Test Squadron... our beer is warm for some reason, but my paulaner oktoberfest is plenty cold...
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    Invite accepted.

    Warm? Then we will drink like were in the UK. Thank you for the welcome.
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