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    New ships new ships !!

    Hmm, 4 totally new "vehicles" eh? You think they mean actual ground vehicles or have they used this term for ships before?
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    MISC Expanse Sale Now On - $135

    It is, im hoping its also a loaner for Orion owners so I can try her out :)
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    Looking to sell my account

    100% I think it will even be a scenario where CIG may need to create some artificial means to limit what this ship will be capable of... it will most likely be able to carry a larger ship than the Odyssey can(exploration, racing team, salvager, couple of fighters, miner+refiner, etc etc) repair...
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    Looking to sell my account

    Hey guys! To keep a long story short, I've built up my account again over the last few years and I'm in a position where the money tied up in the ships would better serve real-life costs :) If you are in the market for an account, please consider mine as I am selling at a discount. I have...
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    PSA- BB CCUs are full price now.

    Lucky also, got the oldies this past IAE...
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    So I want to know what and why about you guys, tell me what is???

    At the risk of upsetting a lot of people...I really dont like the Drake ships... That thrown together look combined with the cheap and not dependable lore just rubs me the wrong way.
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    Luminalia box collection loop at the commons - GET RICH!

    How much creds per box on average tho??? Could this be the get rich quick scheme I've been waiting for?!
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    Odyssey QnA is out

    Pure exploration ability? As in heading out long distances and being able to find things with little or no contact from the other side of the universe? Odyssey 100% trumps the Carrack with current info. Why? Refueling yourself means you can just keep going, no need to return to base or hunt...
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    Should Star Citizen consider NFT's for raising funds?

    You're forgetting the world we live in, its all buzzwords and marketing, the opportunity for them to market this and capitalize on NFT sales is huge. The person thinks (rightly or wrongly) that they "own" something special, CIG sells the same damn ships except with some custom skin or slight...
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    Should Star Citizen consider NFT's for raising funds?

    3rd parties can already resell digital goods for a profit (limited ship sales? old CCUs in buyback?) and CIG sees none of any mark-ups.
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    Should Star Citizen consider NFT's for raising funds?

    For NFTs to work it needs to MEAN something beyond normal digital assets like ships and equipment currently in the game, otherwise there would be no need for them. They could code some limited-edition items and be done with it, they would be numbered and not be produced again. SC could...
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    Should Star Citizen consider NFT's for raising funds?

    It will still be a limited, tracked, item tradable in (and out )of game. What is the harm that does not exist now?
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    Should Star Citizen consider NFT's for raising funds?

    Hopefully NFTs wont affect ship, armor, player stats so no balancing is needed, just rarity/appearance/collect-ability etc.
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