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    ED: Odyssey first playthrough

    For pre-alpha I think it looks pretty good. I may have to fire up ED and give it another go.
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    My current setup

    Copenhagen guy here!
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    My current setup

    I did the yearly sub for all of them but really just use flight on one and combat on the other. I stopped using wireless devices when I was doing MMO progression raids. Having something go dead and waste 24 team members' time is embarrassing. lol
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    passing by, say hi

    Welcome to TEST!
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    My current setup

    Ha! The most important thing I have learned in the process of putting this together is ALWAYS go with a neutral choice for the desk, chair etc. RGBs can be changed, but once you go with a green chair, you are locked in. LOL
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    My current setup

    J-PEIN mounts from Amazon. About $65 US per mount but very sturdy and extremely adjustable. I have been really happy with them. J-PEIN (Upgraded): the desk mount for the flight sim game joystick, throttle and hotas systems. Fully support almost all of flight sim game hand-control...
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    Will SC ever be released - out of Alpha or Beta?

    I'm playing it every day, loving the gameplay loops, and enjoying new content every few months(ish) so as far as I am concerned it is "released" and only getting better. Some days I ROC mine, others I ship mine, maybe do some PVE bounties or PVP bounties, or do FPS missions with friends, do some...
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    My current setup

    So this is my current setup. Eventually I will switch to HOSAS but for now HOTAS is working fine and it is a bit more versatile for DCS and Flight Sim. The PC is a few years old and will probably get some upgrades soon. Yes, I have some cable management I need to do in the back there, I'll get...
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    My first organisation

    Welcome to TEST!
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    Alien Week is ON!

    So I tried out mining and it definitely wasn't for me. With a melted Prospector and an upgraded Max (and a few bucks) I am now the proud owner of a BMM! Good week for Jeb for sure.
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    Star Citizen Ship Loadout Calculator

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for this!
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    Military TESTies

    Branch: US Navy Rank: E4 Job: Boatswain's Mate Years: 4 Base: Fuckin Ocean
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    Snowy intro!

    Welcome aboard shipmate!
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    Welcome aboard! :beers:
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    Can We Guess How Old You Are Based On Your “Star Wars” Opinions?

    lol, I know I'm old. I didn't get past the first question because I refuse to refer to the original Star Wars as "Star Wars: A New Hope". Nope, it's always just been "Star Wars".
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