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    Idea for new game play for bounty hunters.

    Pokemon Silver Armor, bounty hunter edition.
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    No longer for sale!! "LTI ARES SALE!!"

    You only get store credit equal to the money/credit used in the purchase transaction. You cannot create 30% more credit this way. However, you can keep the Ares as a CCU and it will be valued at the MSRP listed on the ship upgrades.
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    Quick Chairman's club question

    Sometimes it takes time. Also you have to be in the PU.
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    Fleet Repository

    Here's my fleet as it stands now: And here's my fleet in AEUs (Aurora Equivalent Units):
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    CitizenCON 2019 picture repository

    I It's actually hidden fine print we added to the other side saying if they sign it they are joining TEST Squadron exclusively. o7
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    CitizenCON 2019 picture repository

    That's Chris Roberts
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    CitizenCon 2949 TESTie Attendees List!

    Both but limited space so I'd do concierge if you have it. Good luck! o7
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    CitizenCon 2949 TESTie Attendees List!

    It wasn't announced. They normally have tours around CitizenCon and you have to ask to be in them and be approved. One of the main reasons we coordinated the attendees list early!
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    CitizenCon 2949 TESTie Attendees List!

    ^ this means you @Thumbs31 and @Zaxxon !
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    CitizenCon 2949 TESTie Attendees List!

    Hey everyone, One week to CitizenCon! Let's get the travel arrangements sorted out on the spreadsheet so we can plan our drinking schedule. If you're going to be at CitizenCon please include yourself on the spreadsheet and mark the days you will be in Manchester...
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    Are we just Bullet Sponges

    If you look at the player's ammo count you will see... They were in debug mode. Hence the invincibility and unlimited ammo. As far as the PU goes read Death of a Spaceman. Right now we die pretty easily to NPCs. Later, expect to be disabled but not dead from a lot of injuries.
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    Industry Mining night?

    The forums are for speculating. Discord is where the action is at.
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