Been online gaming since the modem days, started with Doom, Duke Nukem etc... early days of Warcraft 1 and 2 RTS competed on Kali servers in the NWL and AWL, then switched over to FPS clan competition for CS, SOF2 and Mohaa. After that I stopped playing competitive just don't have the time I work to much got married etc.... so now I just chill been playing WoW since the beta have quit a few times here and there but always end up back there somehow, I have played just about everything under the sun I own PS4, xbox one and pc.

I can't wait for SC to be done this game has been a huge dream of mine sometimes I go to bed dreaming about the days we can log on jump into our ships and do some massive fleet missions, hoping its done before I can't play anymore lol.
Jul 17, 1974 (Age: 46)
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MISC Freelancer, MISC Hull E, Anvil Hornet, Anvil Carrack
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U.S. Eastern, U.S. Western
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Diesel Mechanic or Technician if you are fancy!




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