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    Need some hanger advice - a "fighter" ship

    I thik CIG has been pretty good with describing the capabilities of various ships. There have been disappointments afterward like changing the role of the StarG by adding in Qunatanium, but that was not really a disapppointment with the ship. CIG has been very clear the Ares is intended as a...
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    I think what he meant was, he wanted a flight, or table full of beers. Given an average table, I like him already.
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    The forthcoming election

    Kill the Vanduul!!! Sons of Orion UNITE!! All the vermin deserve to die, Die, DIE after what they did in Orion! Kill them all!
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    Titan Armor Information & Discussion

    FZD made a good observation above. It may be the entire lower leg retracts back behind the thigh, putting the foot just below the knee.
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    Titan Armor Information & Discussion

    Whatever Titan Armor is, it fits in the Tally dropship module for recharging. Probably will not fit in anything smaller, but one can always hope. As to the EMP issue, my guess is they'd build it like a ship and certain kinds of funcitions will fail when pulsed, but not the whole suit. So...
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    Some fleet building help required

    If you suck at dogfighting, but want to fly PvE missions like bounty hunting, then you want the most capable fighter-bomber possible, which is the Sentinel. I noticed that nothing you noted smacks of stealth. I would recommend you learn how to strike from the unseen, inky, black of the void...
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    Fixing the Polaris

    People can do whatever they like with the chin mount. Personally, I liked the flak cannon idea because that fits in perfectly with the torpedo boat role. If you use it defensively by installing something to thwart missiles and torps, it makes perfect sense. The flak cannon did not however do...
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    Fixing the Polaris

    The turrets were all designed to be twin S4. The chin mount was supposed to be a single S5 remote turret, but that was back when there were no S7-9 guns, and now there are. IMHO, for that mount to be the threat it should be, needs to be at least S7 remote turret.
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    Fixing the Polaris

    Micro-jumping is jumping toward a target but exiting early so that you can jump very small distances, for reasons other than going to the target you select. It's that way in Star Wars Combine and in SC. There are many vids online especially of the clumsy slow Eclipse, navigating around and...
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    Jet Packs and Paramedics!

    The Brits are practicing using them for boarding ops. View:
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    Titan Armor Information & Discussion

    The Cyclone AA has an EMP and I think EMP grenades are a thing coming.
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    Fixing the Polaris

    So, I wanna whine some. I'm not happy with the Polaris as designed. Here are the four fixes I think it needs. 1) It needs 2 Large fuel tanks. 2 Medium fuel tanks is stupid. This is a Corvette, not a tending vehicle. My guess is this was a mistake and they intended L tanks. Basically 2/3 the...
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    Montoya's video on the Redeemer - It sucks less.

    I think I thought I took down that post before you quoted it. Now I am twice as sorry for that tequila last night. Em, yeah. I think if you want a tiny fighter like that there are lots of better choices. Personally I think the Razor EX is an exciting choice, but I always look for how well a...
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    Ships and more ships. . .what's the biggest you remember?

    You guys rock. I'll fly wing with any of you.
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    Montoya's video on the Redeemer - It sucks less.

    I doubt that would be very effective. Those two turrets have entirely different fire arcs. Except on beam approaches they wouldn't ever have the same target, and one person can't reasonably track and attack two separate targets.
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