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    Demolition Man and the near future

    well, i guess its time to move to the storm drains
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    Microsoft Buys Zenimax! (DOOM, Fallout, Skyrim, and the whole LOT!)

    the Keg of Knowledge says "Wait for it".
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    Microsoft Buys Zenimax! (DOOM, Fallout, Skyrim, and the whole LOT!)

    now is the time to get your xbox game pass for pc if you don't have it. lots a games are about to be added
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    Join TEST! Caption this piece of propaganda!

    Great, there goes the planet.
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    Choosing a Home Defense Weapon

    very true, everyone should take classes in situational awareness and tactical shooting. along with regular defense shooting classes
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    Choosing a Home Defense Weapon

    here you go, colt bulldog...
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    Choosing a Home Defense Weapon

    a shotgun is great for home defense. good choice there. as for me, i will stick with my witness 45 acp. I use ranger t ammunition, a double tap with that and i dont care how close the ambulance is. a center mass shot will cause a bleedout. one shot does a 3 inch by 10 inch wound cavity in a pork...
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    i have just bought a used asus transformer. 11" butt....

    windows 7 licenses still convert to windows 10. so if it saw your bios tagged win 8 license, then you should be ok. click start and type control, click control panel and go into system at the bottom it should say windows is activated. if it does then your set, if not you will need a windows 10 key.
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    Don’t question my Sexlexia, guys.

    haven seen you in forever @Zapp Brannigan
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    who here has the biggest, richest hangar? GO

    i have my towel, and a copy of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
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    If you pre-order Star Wars Squadrons....

    will the keys to power up the fighters be in loot boxes?
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    Giving away a Red Subsriber Multi-Tool - Winner is Sintha

    needs to be black and yellow
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    Hi Testies!

    the Keg of Knowledge welcomes you
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    -*Shameless Plug*-

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    3 years?

    Happy testiversery.
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