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    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    Hey @Gearen ! Are you using Nightrunner paint with your Star Runner? -- as far as I remember there is a problem with many unique paints like that one; I'll try to find you Issue Council ticket for it. Edit: ah, never mind, you've already answered this above ; ) BTW, you could call it...
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    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    Thread necromancy! It's been a while since I've got nameable Reclaimer but I still haven't decided how it should be called. I already changed the name five times ; ) Latest: Previous: Older names: -- Weyland One -- 1809246 (Alien fans get it) -- We Brake For Nobody (I was going to...
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    Clio racetrack visit!

    SC Community: Looks like a fun place to bring a P52 Test Squadron: Hold my beer: :o7:
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    Alpha 3.17.2 released to Wave 1 PTU

    It's a PTU environment with a lot of tracing enabled -- this always has a negative impact on the client and server performance. There are also few places in the universe where framerate drops dramatically right now, but CIG is working on this. I'm 99% sure performance would be the same as on...
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    Alpha 3.17.2 released to Wave 1 PTU
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    Road to Pyro

    From the latest Roadmap Roundup: all Alpha 3.17.2 deliverables committed. Additional Stanton Lagrange Points Derelict Reclaimer Settlement - Point of Interest Derelict Reclaimer Space Missions AI - Planetary Navigation Illegal Delivery Missions Siege of Orison Derelict Reclaimer POI
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    Road to Pyro

    2022 TESTING AND RELEASE CADENCE (...) we are going to be approaching 3.18 differently than our previous releases. We are anticipating that 3.18 will require a much longer time in the Evocati/PTU phase than our previous releases, due to the fundamental change in how the game tracks state. We...
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    Road to Pyro

    Now that Invictus Launch Week 2952 is over, let's focus on the near future. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2, scheduled to be released by the end of June...
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    🏴‍☠️ Data Center Security Breach ⚔ LIVE, Saturday June 4, 22:00 UTC / 6 PM EST

    When: Saturday June 4, 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST / 22:00 UTC (Saturday) / 00:00 CET (Sunday) Where: Stanton System -> Microtech What: Yellow Jackets / TSMC exercises Exercise goals: Learn how to operate Tonk solo (drive, select targets and fire main cannon from the remote turret at the same time...
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    Invictus / DefenseCon - What did you pick up or change?

    I was so impressed by Vulture displayed at Drake DefenseCon, that I checked its upgrade options. The only ship I could theoretically decommission was Gladius, the ship I'm using for hard flying only, but I wasn't sure about upgrading it to salvager. I checked ship loaner matrix, and to my...
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    MULE! Looks like a handy vehicle for those bunkers

    Mule Q&A:
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    Veteran Looking For Home

    Welcome to TEST! 🍻
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    Remember, No Testies.

    Dun-dun... dun-dun...
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    🏴‍☠️ Data Center Security Breach ⚔ LIVE, Saturday May 14, 22:00 UTC / 6 PM EST

    "(...) Team Alpha and Team Bravo fly to >> Shubin Mining Facility SMO-18 on Microtech << and load 2-4 Tonks (Alpha), and 2-4 Spartans or Ballistas (Bravo)" ---- This means troops too
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    🏴‍☠️ Data Center Security Breach ⚔ LIVE, Saturday May 14, 22:00 UTC / 6 PM EST

    Planning Team Alpha and Team Bravo landing sites and planned movement: Team Alpha directions:
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