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  1. BUTUZ

    How to keep warm in New Babbage

    It's Brr cold round here and as per usual I've left my coat in the pub. Luckily the terrapin can keep us all alive! Huddle on in with me!
  2. BUTUZ

    When you wake up after a TEST party and are too scared to move.

    Must have been a good party - I'm aching all over!
  3. BUTUZ

    When your a trader ...... and.......

    ……..You are coming in to land at lorville and rushing it a bit as you got to go to the pub quiz.....and accidentally crash your cat into one of those crane things on the surface and blow up. Bye bye Cat. Bye Bye Cargo. Next day - you think right get back on it straight away, get in me...
  4. BUTUZ

    Does anyone want to sell some spare subscriber weapons or armour?

    Just wondering if I can pick any spares up so I don't have to keep spending 10-20k at the start pimping my sexy body? Cheers!
  5. BUTUZ

    Getting Better at landing.

    Still struggling but at least this time I didn't die. 4 years of practice - That's progress! Who sais testes always crash huh ?!!!!!
  6. BUTUZ

    The Freelancer MIS is a BEAST!

    What a beast! I've been waiting for this ship for a long time. I always loved the idea of a missile boat that could also haul a bit of cargo, be played single player, yet can have 3 friends along for the ride. CIG delivered. 4 x S3 Guns on the front (firepower of a Sabre Military Fighter)...
  7. BUTUZ

    Pimping the Brand.

    Just doing by bit for Best Squardon.
  8. BUTUZ

    Test Car Best Cra

    This is for sale just down the road. I am tempted lol.
  9. BUTUZ

    If the retaliator is featuring in Squadron 42...........

    ……...then why's it a 2 year old version of a 4 year old design? What I mean is, they've redesigned or built from scratch every other ship in SQ42 except the Retaliator? Just wondering. :/
  10. BUTUZ

    Help me look more like HANSOME MONTOYA BOSS whilst raising money for Cancer Charity!!!

    Hey guys and gals!! I hope this is OK to post here I freely admit I have not read the rules about charity pimping. I am "Braving the Shave" and having my head and beard shaved next week in front of 900 school children in order to raise...
  11. BUTUZ

    Anyone playing Elite Dangerous still?

    Just wondering. I did a lot of grinding on the Xbox back in the old days but picked it up from steam sale for $10 so figured why not. Just playing for fun now aint got no engineers or guardians or planets so constantly outgunned which makes it more fun :p
  12. BUTUZ

    So glad I bought the 1080ti for the games other than SC i play.....

    …...coulda save myself a packet and got me a 1030!
  13. BUTUZ

    I loves my Freelancer. Best ship this side of an Aurora!!

    Such a good all rounder. Decided to do a mission before I went to bed. Only one available was a patrol mission for over 1000uec. Hmm. Could do with a sabre for this one but .. i melted what the heck I'll take big bertha out. Headed out on patrol ran into a couple of...
  14. BUTUZ

    CF-557 Galdereen Repeater

    Anyone tried this S5 weapon yet? I popped it on a Vanguard and went on a killing rampage the likes of which pirate swarm had never seen. It's insane along side the existing 4 x s2. Can't imagine 4 of them on a Starfarer!! :o
  15. BUTUZ

    3.2 patch L

    So now we have 64 player partys. You can party up with a load of testies and then load into a server en masse. I think we need to make some testy quantum jump and planetary flight vids. 50 auroras in an instance is now possible!!!
  16. BUTUZ


    I liked the old avenger even though it was buggy. The new one is slightly bigger and has upgraded weapons all round, Size 4 Gatling gun and 2 x Size 3 wing mounts. NO extra cargo space, but at least what is there will be usable. Sound like a GREAT starter ship after the weapon upgrades...
  17. BUTUZ

    3.2 evocati?

    I got a gut feeling 3.2 is out for testing. Can any TESTocati confirm? Wink once for No and three times for Yes or eight times if you want to join me in the mens room.
  18. BUTUZ

    We should invite this guy to test.

    Excellent landing, Made it look EASY.
  19. BUTUZ

    So does anyone else.......

    ...... open the launcher and then leave the music playing and chill the fek out? I do.
  20. BUTUZ

    Ghost Recon 4x4

    Anyone playing this? Me and me mate play it and love the gunplay. We do well with 2 randoms in the squad, having 4 peeps on discord should be DEVASTATING[ly drunk!]
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