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  1. Myles Awaye

    Carracks spare Tire

    LOL... love it too! I call it the "oh, fuck it bucket," on days when I just don't know what to fly. But I do wonder... How many of us can we stuff inside and still close the door?
  2. Myles Awaye

    Hello hello! Excited to be here.

    Welcome to TEST
  3. Myles Awaye

    Hasgaha sharing some wisdom with me about the Pacific NW

    Test Squadron, Best Squadron. Left Coast, Best Coast. That's all you need! [edit: brought to you by the good folks in Northern Califiornia]
  4. Myles Awaye

    New TEST propaganda poster available at CitizenCon

    oh... look at that. You are correct. Thank you! :) I have it. Printing now... hanging on the wall. I want to represent so my students ask me what it's all about.
  5. Myles Awaye

    New TEST propaganda poster available at CitizenCon

    Link no worky for high res tif :(
  6. Myles Awaye

    Space Fight Club

    +1 for this fantastic idea
  7. Myles Awaye

    Can't go to CitCon? Come to VerseCon!

    We need something like this in Cali. [edit] How can we make this happen for the PTZ next year?
  8. Myles Awaye

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to TEST. Join for the beer, stay for the ships... wait... um... is it join for the ships, stay for the beer?
  9. Myles Awaye

    "The Mercenary" :: a "The Mandalorian" poster recreated in Star Citizen

    Excellent work! Love it! Do we have a script yet? When do we start production? 😁 ( I'll fire up my 3DS Max and After Effects )
  10. Myles Awaye

    New from VA on the East Coast

    Welcome to TEST bro.
  11. Myles Awaye

    Thoughts on the Valkyrie?

    We recently ran bunkers in a Valk and had a great time. We got shot up by station guns at a refueling stop and had a dragonfly in the bay. We used it to move some folks around to get the ship to a refuel and repair stop. I got to fly it at one point. She flies like a brick, but she got us...
  12. Myles Awaye

    Test Armor

    I am seeing in the events threads that there is a call for folks to wear their Test Armor. I can't seem to find information on which armor configuration that is. If there is a thread or Discord channel for this info, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  13. Myles Awaye

    New from the West Coast

    beer's in the fridge in the breakroom. Soon as my students go home, I'll be flight-ready with a cold one on my cup holder. :)
  14. Myles Awaye

    New from the West Coast

    Thank you so much... super stoked!
  15. Myles Awaye

    New from the West Coast

    Where you from stranger? Logging in from Cali What drew you to Star Citizen? I'm a Navy veteran and I love ships. I've been putting SC off for a long time being unsure how I felt about it. Someone convinced me that this is a good time to get in as "things" start ramping up in the verse. (Glad I...
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