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  1. Phil

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Phil

    Fleet ship predictions and expectations.

    I guess with the sale coming around once a year where you can get just about any ship I wanted to ask around and get an idea about fleet options, what kind of ships are niche and what do people think will be lacking when it comes to fleet maneuvers etc.... I have a feeling this will be the year...
  3. Phil

    Anthem.... another let down.

    Well 55 hours into Anthem and I am honestly getting bored, it was great for a few weeks but I feel like its destiny all over again. I know some people are really enjoying it and I will be honest I had a bunch of fun for those 55 hours but I find myself struggling to play more than 2 hours and...
  4. Phil

    Anthem sound issues?

    Just curious if anyone else is having sound issues in Anthem. randomly my sound just cuts out, it could last for 2 hrs and then cut out or 15 min, its just random I lose all sound, tried numerous fixes, updates etc... can't find any info or topics similar to mine. I have a steel series siberia...
  5. Phil

    First flight test!

    Ok so I will be honest I have not really gotten into SC in over a year, the bugs, the crashes, the FPS issues turned me off and I put my HOTAS in the closet and waited for the right time to come back and give it a shot.... All I can say is wow! Night and day difference, steady gameplay...
  6. Phil

    Red Dead 2 online

    I had high hopes for this game online and 1 hour into it they were destroyed because of a horrible pvp aspect, trying to do the 1st escort quest and low and behold a rival gang attacks, it was 2 vs 1 and after the 1st death and respawning literally 5 seconds later a few yards away I was...
  7. Phil

    Melting, Buying and Oops.......oh my!!!

    So ya, was looking forward to buying some new ships, melting some old ones and just getting excited about it all and yup as you guessed for the past hour can't even access the ship page lmao! Not sure if this good because it means lots of people are active or sad because RSI can't even handle...
  8. Phil

    Red Dead 2

    I love this game, 84% in and still enjoy it, I can spend hours fishing, hunting and just riding around looking for easter eggs, they did an insane job with the gameplay, graphics and characters, if this is not GOTY I don't know what will be. Is it perfect? No but I can honestly say its a must...
  9. Phil

    Thrustmaster 16000 + TWCS throttle

    Anyone else have this setup? I am just curious what kind of setup people are using, scripts? I am new to the TARGET software is it any good? Thanks!
  10. Phil

    Graphics card opinions..

    I currently have a 970 gtx do you think its worth upgrading to a 1080 or 1070, I don't want to spend 800$ on the 1080 ti right now or would it be better to wait till the 11's come out? Thanks!!
  11. Phil

    Happy 4th of July!!

    Happy 4th everyone! Get ready to grill, chill and have some fun! Brats, dogs and burgers, coleslaw, potato salad, chips and dips, family, friends and hell even the dogs have fun today! Stay safe all!!
  12. Phil

    Planet X, Nemesis and Nibiru???

    Ok, so I won't claim to be a brainiak or some space scholar but I have been watching a lot of video's on this planet X theory, wth? Is anyone else seeing this? Is this another Y2K thing or is it real? Anyways just thought it would be fun to talk about it since were all sci-fi geeks in a...
  13. Phil

    HCS voice pack help

    Anyone know a good site to help with installs and setup for the voice attack and voice packs? I just got them and maybe I missed something or I just suck at this stuff cant get it working lol. Thanks!
  14. Phil

    The Division Challenge Mode

    Hey gang, Bungtater here, I am currently level 30 and so far I have only been able to do a couple of challenge mode encounters, not sure why but it seems every random group I join is foreign, some sounded chinese and some were definately french, not that I have issues playing with anyone else...
  15. Phil

    The Division already failed?!?

    So after doing the pre-load then waiting till 11pm my time which was the official start time for my zone I log in and it says I have another 30-40 minute update, ok so I wait patiently, finally after 30ish minutes of downloading I get in ..... to be confronted by a black screen, ok no biggie I...
  16. Phil


    I know everyone is having issues of some sort I am just trying to find out if its worse for some people and if there is a way to fix it. My issue is I keep crashing after 10-15 minutes of gameplay, no matter what I do at some point it just crashes, I could be flying, standing around or in the...
  17. Phil


    Greetings fellow citizens! I am Bungtater, I don't know how or why I have this name but it stuck! Can't wait to fly and explore with everyone in the verse!
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