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  1. glockjs

    Raven codes are still live

    Just picked one up off starcitizen_trades and it worked fine if anybody cares.
  2. glockjs

    Selling a few buybacks for Concierge

    gonna put on hold since i only log every 6 mo i guess x.O Selling until I get concierge. Selling at cost + whatever Paypal fee's(I'm in the US). PP verified only. I'll have these up on the TEST forums for a lil bit before I post to reddit :) Standalone Ship - Starfarer - Anniversary - 24mo -...
  3. glockjs

    How is the Khartu-Al such a bad ship?

    I bought a CCU a long time ago and finally used it to try and save a few bucks getting back the MIS. Didn't realize I couldn't get the MIS back atm lol. So now I'm stuck with a Khartu til the next sale. Took it out for a spin and.... The 2 struts block a good amount of your view. The shields...
  4. glockjs

    how would this happen?

    i went afk for 4 or 5 min on some guys 600i(on the bridge) that i was partied with and came back in some other guys vanguard(not partied) had a scuffle with a vanguard and a cutlass. one of the guys previously got on the 600i and was trying to move it out of the safe zone. when i came back i...
  5. glockjs

    I'm impressed with the Avenger Titan

    Finally got around to CCUing the Aurora that I never use :/ I'll probably pick one up in the verse with game money for the TEST meme. But the Avenger! Wow. For $50 this thing is awesome. Can fight and carry cargo. Here's the topper though: I think it's the best Bounty Hunting ship in the...
  6. glockjs

    Is there a list of ships TEST owns?

    I think I remember there being donations for the organization to buy ships. Just wondering if there's an actual list of ships that TEST as an organization owns :O
  7. glockjs

  8. glockjs

    Finally got around to building my BF puter

    AMD R7 1700X MSI B450 Mortar Sapphire Vega 64 Crucial Elite 3000 [email protected] 14-17-17-34 HP EX920 M.2 1TB PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe EVGA GQ 1000w PSU Silverstone RL06 Pro Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo LG 32GK650F-B Logi G710+ and g502 In kind of a temporary situation atm so having a decent puter helps...
  9. glockjs

    I need help pricing my PS4 Pro

    This might be the wrong forum. If so sorry :/ Fully moving back to PC and I have no clue what value to put on it with everything included. Maybe somebody could help me out. PS4 Pro w/ 512gb ssd installed - old 1tb is in external now 2 controllers w/ charging dock Cheap headset Thrustmaster...
  10. glockjs

    WTT AMD Game bundle Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5,Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

    All 3. Resident Evil™ 2 Available January 25, 2019 Devil May Cry™ 5 Available March 8, 2019 Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 Available March 15, 2019 Taking offers. Cheers.
  11. glockjs

    I was only shopping for a video card...

    And I guess it turned into a new full build :/ So for the parts I have ordered so far: Sapphire Vega 64 - $400 AMD R7 1700X - $150 Crucial Elite 3000 2x8 - $120 EVGA GQ 1000w PSU - $63 I think I have my mind made up on the ssd being an nvme 970 evo unless somebody can make a case for...
  12. glockjs

    What's on your Black Friday wish list?

    BF is upon us once more and you could be getting the best deal ever on anything from a Miata to an oversized purple dildo. I'm personally shopping for an RX 580 8gb and I think one will fall to the 160-180 range. What's everyone shopping for?
  13. glockjs

    Been awhile...ship help :/

    So it has been over 2 years since I've touched the pledge store and I'm sure the meaning behind some of the ships have pivoted since then. So here's a list of my ships and the reasoning I remember buying them: Aurora LX - required for test..blot out the sky 315p - needed some sort of explore...
  14. glockjs


  15. glockjs

    dark and light?

    so i've rifled through some games lately and i'm looking for a way to kill time the way i like. i just want an mmo'ish game that i can interact with players and also kill mobs to level and stuff. this game among others looks interesting to me without waiting 6-12 mo. anybody around here have...
  16. glockjs

    [SUGGESTION] Crypto Currency

    I think discord and these forums need a place to discuss. This storm has been long over brewing and now at the well curated steps of the ever loving day to day working class. This shit ain't going away. Need a secret safe space to make or make :p
  17. glockjs

    anybody SC'ing it up mobile style? specifically gtx 950m

    pulled the trigger on a laptop for BF cause i got some downtime at work these days. figured some pc gaming and emulating is a good time killer ^ ^ while i'm waiting for lenovo to build the damn thing i'm kinda curious if it would be able to run SC. anybody with specs around gtx 950m/i7 7500u...
  18. glockjs

    so i feel like a target has been placed...

    i love reddit but this shit just doesn't fly with me. am i being paranoia or have i really been flagged? View:
  19. glockjs

    Retro gaming and IMO the best front end out there

    So not too long ago I decided to organize my ROMS and wanted to make it look clean and one stop style. After playing around with Hyperspin and a few others I came into a little gem called Launchbox Bigbox. Very very easy to use and looks clean. The thing will ID the games and download all the...
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