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  1. Nekovala

    Unholy Tournament of Test Squadron!! for 2.6!!! Let the games begin!!!!

    Hm guys, what's the date? 1st January ? that's a bit insane... I'm away until the 7th :/ (im part of Team 3) Team3 name proposal : TheDoctors
  2. Nekovala

    Unholy Tournament of Test Squadron!! for 2.6!!! Let the games begin!!!!

    Registered, hope it will be soon and that i'll be available :D
  3. Nekovala

    LTI Tali & 2 LowPacks to sell

    Greetings guys, it's been a while since i've even opened SC so I feel like giving up on my Aegis ship collection so I could get a new phone soon. I'll keep a few ships but I dont need a lot neither. So I'd like to sell these few ships to anyone part of the Test group. Selling this baby LTI...
  4. Nekovala

    The Division- Test Squad

    I'll be there, pre-ordered Gold edition to be in the right colours :P
  5. Nekovala

    3D printer up and selling space!

    I'd like to have a Constellation printed, but I cant seem to find the model, did you? Cheers EDIT: Found this one but it looks horrid or like its melting (round edges)
  6. Nekovala

    Happy New Years TESTIES!!!!

    Happy new year!
  7. Nekovala

    Melted ships sale, now better priced.

    Can you update the post? What do you have left? Looking for Realiator (Base) & modules :S
  8. Nekovala

    New streamer in bound

    Test streaming right now, on PTU 2.0a =) *no mic*
  9. Nekovala

    New streamer in bound

    I've seem to have gained access to the PTU, so I'll be streaming frm time to time asap from tomorrow UTC+1 to my channel : Its very empty and have no "streamer setup" but, if you wanna check sometimes, you'd be welcome :) I'll post a follow up when I'm streaming :D
  10. Nekovala

    Anniversary Sale - Shameful Purchases Thread(Altar of Roberts)

    I'm hoping to get the Connie Phoenix on the 26th but does anyone have an idea about it's price? I've always wanted that beautiful ship :)
  11. Nekovala

    WTS some ships

    Id love to get that Phonix but ther's already a lot of persons waiting for it :/
  12. Nekovala

    Can't wait for 2.0

    Can't wait for 2.0
  13. Nekovala

    Armored Warfare: Super Spectacular Saturdays [Oct. 17, 2015]

    Looks promising for a free2play game, I'll be checking that out but right now I wanna try SC 1.3 and its still downloading :P
  14. Nekovala

    GlaDOS Voice Attack

    "Do you need some neurotoxine?" "Locking in progress, like you locked my heart" (locking missiles) "Firing your parents...I mean missiles." (shooting rockets) "You are making pride <subject origins>" (killed a target)
  15. Nekovala

    Windows 10 users read this

    Just installed the software on my computers, thanks for the post, not sure if true or not but wanted to be sure :) And make sure you use the latest build available here :
  16. Nekovala

    Subscriber Discount

    We'll be sending by Paypal the right amount of money to @Salt Lake sp he can make the order then he'll send us the ships we ordered :) Simple as that. I think we needed to spend 275USD more to get the max discount and with what you are looking for I beleive we reach them
  17. Nekovala

    1.1.6 release

    I do have Win10 installed and can't get the launcher to download game files, it downlaods like 500Mo and stops saying the game is ready to launch, i've already checked couple times the game content with the "Verify" button just doing nothing. -3.5 .NetFramework was already enabled I just...
  18. Nekovala

    Subscriber Discount

    It still available, we're just waiting for more peeps to order stuff to make a big order so we have the maximumu discount :) so write here what u need and PM @Salt Lake PS: I'm starting to loose patience lol
  19. Nekovala

    Subscriber Discount

    Well i'd be interrested as i'm looking to be very soon a Constellation pack but I have no idea if its going to be on sale :'(
  20. Nekovala

    Switching to Windows 10 ?

    Tanks for your reply, i'll stick it to the first post :) but I have to say, defragging an SSD is useless and reduces its lifespan faster!
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