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    Highly recommended watch

    wow. i just watched that episode. no one warned me there would be ninjas chopping onions behind me.
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    Another one of those "You have 3 ships thread"

    1 - Aurora LN - Has pew and spew 2 - Aurora LN - Space truck with pew and spew 3 - Aurora LN - Space pizza and beer delivery
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    Any Tom Clancy fans?

    Started reading him at a young age, first with Red Storm Rising (which he cowrote with Larry Bond) and followed the books for a long time. I'm not sure if his writing got worse, or if i just grew up, but i definitely noticed a downward trend in the quality of writing so to speak. I basically...
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    No more boxruns for starter ships in 3.8?

    Chat color is random everytime you start a new game, just use the chat settings to change it to the color you prefer. And for all of 3.6 and 3.7 (which is when i started playing), you could enter Auroras with boxes no problems. Something got screwy in 3.8. The best bet is a running jump into...
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    First look at Pisces?

    My guess is the C8 is the snub for the Carrack and the C8X has a quantum drive.
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    Space Fight Club

    We're not that drunk!
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    November 2949 Subscriber Glasses

    Are the glasses actually functional? i.e. can you see on aberdeen/arial? ;)
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