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  1. Sirus7264

    Stock Market

    Hope you all in the U.S. have been paying attention and didnt pull out for good on the stock market. We are heading back into all time highs for the S and P 500 and the Dow is 2000 points off from its all time high again.
  2. Sirus7264

    Replaced some parts on my laptop and its almost like new

    So a long time ago my kid dropped my laptop onto the floor on its side and it broke the powerport a bit and my old charger. i replaced only the charger back then and didnt do anything about the port. Since then he dropped it probabbly another 10 times and it ended up making the power port...
  3. Sirus7264

    Anyone in san dieago?

    ill be here for a short period.
  4. Sirus7264

    Polaris upgrade(normal) suddenly available. not warbond

    i just got hh to polaris with credits
  5. Sirus7264

    Are there any official goodie bags for Citcon this year?

    I know last year they gave everyone a goodie bag which had the coin etc in it. Is there one this year also? If anyone has an extra one or can get one let me know i collect things like this. Want to add it to my SC collection.
  6. Sirus7264

    890 jump price increase.

    890 Jump from $890 -->$950
  7. Sirus7264

    My laptop has cracked

    So my kid finally did it and cracked my alienware 17 R2 laptop case. Does anyone know where i can find a good repair site with parts and what not so i can take it apart and rebuild it? atm the power plug does not stay in the computer very well at all and i might be arcing electricity due to...
  8. Sirus7264

    Ninja Melk

    Saw this on Nigahiga's YT video today and it looks interesting anyone else bought it yet?
  9. Sirus7264

    New Movie suggestion thread

    Thought i would start a Movie thread because i know we are all computer and couch warriors. Here is my subimission for you guys to go watch.
  10. Sirus7264

    Not sure if anyone caught this during atv butt.....

    Underwater? so are we getting swimming and if things are underwater are we getting some types of boats or subs?
  11. Sirus7264

    Anyone seen this yet?

    This guy does some really amazing work.
  12. Sirus7264

    Some of you will get a kick out of this.

  13. Sirus7264

    We should get Jack Black to join test

    He's started a new Youtube channel looks like hes going to be gamming possibly?
  14. Sirus7264

    Couldnt resist long enough

    Well looks like i bought the San Tok Yai. I was going to try to resist this years aniversary sale but it got the best of me by releaseing a new Xi An ship which are some of my favorite ships. This year i'll be focusing on rebuying my Tonk, Polaris, and Pioneer which i sold off during the...
  15. Sirus7264

    Top gun parody

    This was pretty good.
  16. Sirus7264

    Orion price change

    So far only the orion got a price change from 325 to 450
  17. Sirus7264

    My new car is here.

    And she is a beauty.
  18. Sirus7264

    This is a funny read

    @Montoya thought you might find this funny View:
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