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  1. Richard Bong

    WTB a BUK

    Hey guys, I am looking to buy either a Sentinel or a Harbinger BUK. Can anyone help me out. :) Thanks.
  2. Richard Bong

    Which Hornet?

    Hey all, I currently have a Sabre. A while back I had a Hornet that I upgraded to the Sabre. With 3.10.1+ I loaded the turrets on my loaner Hornet and found myself flying the Hornet more than the Sabre. My intention then, as now, is to limit myself to one carrier fighter. Since I turned my...
  3. Richard Bong

    Stalker or Hawk

    On the roadmap for 3.11 is "Surrender." Since I doubt my Connie will get the Prisoner cells by then. Avenger Stalker or Anvil Hawk as a temporary fix? Why?
  4. Richard Bong

    Hammerhead to Polaris CCU?

    I am in the thinking stage so not in a hurry. I am waiting to see what the flight model changes do to fix my hangar queen, the Retaliator. It just isn't fun to fly. The Polaris became a limited ship last anniversary sale so I can't CCU to it through the store. I am thinking I still want a...
  5. Richard Bong

    The practical use of Carrier birds.

    My current fleet is an Avenger, a Sabre, a Vanguard Warden and a Retaliator, plus a couple of bikes. In my fleet the Sabre serves the role of Carrier fighter for the Org, stealth recon and hard hitting combat craft to cover other missions. The Avenger is supposed to fill the role of...
  6. Richard Bong

    What does an Ursa fit in?

    I have a feeling that the Ursa Rover, is going to be quite important for ground travel. It is the smallest (currently) ground vehicle with a self contained environment. And not only will we be dealing with hostile atmospheres but weather as well. :) The key here is legitimately fit, not fit...
  7. Richard Bong

    Anyone hear if we are getting IAE Aurora and Mustang game packages this year?

    I want to upgrade my game package to 10 year insurance instead of the current 5 year insurance I have on it from a couple of years ago before applying my Yellow Jacket CCU to it. Has anyone heard if they are doing thst this year?
  8. Richard Bong

    Thoughts on the Valkyrie?

    My plan is to hit the Verse with 4 ships and one or two ground vehicles. Probably a jetbike and a Cyclone (TR or base) I currently am planning on Bounty Hunting, (Killjoy style, not Boba Fett for reference :) ). For those with a Valkyrie, what are your thoughts on it? Good ship? Fun to fly...
  9. Richard Bong

    What kind of range does the Mantis have?

    The specs make it seem rather short ranged. How many round trips can it make from Olisar to Area 18?
  10. Richard Bong

    What to do with my Gladius?

    My current fleet is an Avenger Titan, which will likely become a Stalker or have prisoner pods, a Gladius, a Vanguard Sentinel with a Warden BUK, and a Retaliator (base with a base to andro ccu and Andro to bomber ccu that I am sitting on.) (And a Nox.) I bought the Gladius because I want to...
  11. Richard Bong

    WTB Tali Modules, maybe a Harby BUK

    Hey guys, anyone got Tali Cargo and/or Living modules? I am also considering a Harby BUK. . :) Anyone have them? Edited to add: Not doing the BUK, it is a novelty, I don't need. Thanks for putting up with me Owl. Now all I need is rear Cargo, thanks to the wise howl's link.
  12. Richard Bong

    Coming anniversary sale.

    Right now my fleet is an Avenger Titan, a Gladius, a Sentinel with a Warden BUK and a Retaliator base. I know I want the Torp bays for the Tali as well as some modules once they become available, but short term the Tali is just hangar art. So the plan during the sale was to upgrade to the...
  13. Richard Bong

    Ugh! What happened to my Sentinel?

    My Sentinel was, at least close, Test Squadron colors. The previewed colors we now have are just ugly.
  14. Richard Bong

    3.6 question

    While waiting for my turn to get 3.6, I have a silly question. On the Vanguard can you swap the Warden and Hoplite modules?
  15. Richard Bong

    Loreville disappointment

    Wow, I am totally underwhelmed by Loreville. We are told how big and massive and all the work put into Loreville and yet it is none of that. What do we have? The least efficient public transit system ever designed. 6-8 identical floors of hab blocks in the same building leading to the same...
  16. Richard Bong

    Only 47 likes on my question for the devs.

    Wow, only 47 likes on my question. Can anyone help a fellow Test member out? <Evil Grin!>
  17. Richard Bong

    I really, really want to like this game.

    I really want to like Star Citizen. Last summer when they delayed the release of 3.0 they said it was due to stability and because it needed more polish. It turns out neither polish or stability are all that important to CIG. We had a 3.0 delivery that was not ready for prime time. With no...
  18. Richard Bong


    Since the Starfarer is intended to carry liquid cargo, and since every port has at least one bar, it would seem logical that you would need something to transport liquor and beer in bulk to keep the bars running. The Starfarer fills the role nicely. More importantly though is the Starfarer has a...
  19. Richard Bong

    Sandy beaches?

    Have there been any planets in the lore, yet, with nice pristine Sandy beaches? I remember terraforming disasters, planet sized cities, industrial waste and smog, but no nice places to visit.
  20. Richard Bong

    Does anyone know what the cap on my Hornet Ghost is a placeholder for?

    I have a Hornet Ghost. It is a nice ship, I have three Tarantulas and a Flashfire with a Ballistic Combi Cannon on it. When I hit I leave a mark. :) However with Item 2.0, according to the new guides that came with the Ship Matrix, the nose gun is gone and can only mount the chin turret with 2...
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