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  1. Smithory

    Mercury Cult - 3.11.1 now in Evo

    They keep saying fast. so I'm hoping for that 215 m/s or more
  2. Smithory

    NEW Star Citizen hit piece from Kotaku UK :D

    This goes with our Journalism is dead conversation
  3. Smithory

    Choosing a Home Defense Weapon

    Mossberg 500 Shockwave
  4. Smithory

    Mercury Star Runner looking good.

    The Genesis is a NPC money maker. You hire a crew to run it and make the money from the NPCs that have to go from planet to planet. kinda like a set it and forget it.
  5. Smithory

    Mercury Star Runner looking good.

    From what I can recall reading and hearing it seemed that the MSR and the Herc where going to be released 3 months apart seeing how far along they where. MSR in 3.11 Herc in 3.12/4.0
  6. Smithory

    Mercury Star Runner looking good.

    I never got rid of it
  7. Smithory

    Shit new applicants are saying

    I don't even remember what I wrote....
  8. Smithory

    Funny COVID memes

  9. Smithory

    Funny COVID memes

  10. Smithory

    Stupid social media influencers get arrested

    if someone ever says to me it's a prank like that, they will get free wood shampoo
  11. Smithory

    March 20th COVID-19 update

    :rubs eyes: what day is it?
  12. Smithory

    The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

    Times like this make me laugh when the news comes on and says someone was arrested with 2,000 rounds of ammunition, because all I can think about is that is just enough for for a Saturday morning for me 🤣 other than that people really need to understand that you really shouldn't be going out...
  13. Smithory

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    and we are almost out of flu season
  14. Smithory

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    This is how the Division Started welp....let me go by ammo It's business as usual in NYC even with the 1 one case.....the regular flu has killed more people already than this shit beer flu
  15. Smithory

    New Origin ship? Explorer?

    please be a 600E interior rework
  16. Smithory

    LEGO SDF-1

    I need this for my man cave
  17. Smithory

    Limited Ship list

    Would this be limited? SMS Gauss was a ship built in Germany specially for polar exploration
  18. Smithory

    Great news! TEST members get 10% off Star Citizen models from JRF

    Ares Inferno Model with motorized barrel Space Brrrrrrrrt
  19. Smithory

    The Aegis Jaws!

    They need to do a "The Claw" one with the Reclaimer
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