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  1. Devil Dog Hog

    2020 AnniVERSEary Sale...THIS YEAR!

    I won't budge for anything less than an Endeavour Master Set
  2. Devil Dog Hog

    Vanduul Helmet - Get 50 unique kills event!

    Gosh darn it CIG, why are you making it so easy to murder each other but so hard to profit off it for free stuff. Guess I'll just go and "earn" a space living by robbing some folks, sigh. Its enough to make a man fly his Aurora into the sun to fake his own death. . . .wait, does that count as a...
  3. Devil Dog Hog

    NEW Star Citizen hit piece from Kotaku UK :D

    Gawd that was a long essay. All so he could just say at the end "As of right now, there is no Star Citizen." over four years ago. Because why write an original piece about the games current status when you can publish the hit piece from four years ago. So just tell me there's no spoon in the...
  4. Devil Dog Hog

    New concept art: Kingship vs Idris

    I only do suicide runs with grade A TEST certified space "waste" thats fermented since the squadron sponsored Torpedo Burrito eating contest last month. I might add one scu of Quantanium for that extra explosive splatter effect. Like the wife told me one time, I might not blow a hole in it, but...
  5. Devil Dog Hog

    What games coming out in the next few months are you hyped for?

    Im going to play mind games with my family while suffering the effects of cabin fever, copious amounts of alcohol, and pre-filled divorce papers and a will (which ever comes first), basically just another family vacation.
  6. Devil Dog Hog

    New concept art: Kingship vs Idris

    Screw the big capital vs capital ship battles. Thats a waste of resources, time, and is not the tactical (TESTical) way to take out those big ships. We should all take note of the battle of Endor, which is the obvious way to plan all our battles (based on fiction and well choregraphed movie...
  7. Devil Dog Hog

    Shit new applicants are saying

    I Pretty sure he's talking in Xhosa and said something about iVno dog is five deaths and that is the worst. . . . Maybe he's saying Djantor's wine will kill you five times at the worst? Either way he can curse out our enemies in a really bad and angry way and nobody could say two words about it...
  8. Devil Dog Hog

    Shit new applicants are saying

    This man obviously knows what he's talking about and should be a platoon leader immediately!
  9. Devil Dog Hog

    Testihol 2949 - with an unfortunate twist - SIGN UP FOR YOUR BOTTLES (Max of 10)

    TESTihol doesnt even mix well with your kidneys, liver, brain, blood, or other vital organs. It has also earned the disclaimer label from California saying that it might cause cancer. Needless to say were all very proud of darjanator and hope that the 2950 vintage will even better. We might even...
  10. Devil Dog Hog

    Hey! So, where's the beer?

    I'm sorry, we can not accept your answer as clearly the best captain in star fleet is Captain Christopher Pike *mic drop* But welcome to test either way, because in this universe were our own damn captain's, and last one to the bar buys the beer.
  11. Devil Dog Hog

    who here has the biggest, richest hangar? GO

    I cant tell if your agreeing with me, making fun of me, or being sarcastic, but it doesnt matter as long as your willing to crash your ship into big ships with me and smile when your doing it.
  12. Devil Dog Hog

    decided to get some custom test apparel, $111 spent on dope stuff!!

    I like how the "U" in squadron was an after thought and the mispell of R before the D, its perfect and totally fits the expectations we have of our members.
  13. Devil Dog Hog


    Allow me to raise my stein and pledge a toast to all you SOB's out there who sacrifice valuable game time to spend it with your kids, or better yet, force your kids to play video games with you. My brother once told me when we were comparing who's was bigger that until I'm a dad, I just wont get...
  14. Devil Dog Hog

    who here has the biggest, richest hangar? GO

    I own and operate a fleet (by fleet I mean 1) of Auroras because their cheap, free, allow me to crash into things, piss off people who have big expensive ships when i crash into them and harass the shit out of them, and overall lets me blot out the sun with its awsome shadow just miliseconds...
  15. Devil Dog Hog

    decided to get some custom test apparel, $111 spent on dope stuff!!

    I only will vote for the sweat pants if they incorporate a beer holster.
  16. Devil Dog Hog

    decided to get some custom test apparel, $111 spent on dope stuff!!

    "I reject these blatant attempts are commercialization of what should be a great and proud org, free of the corporate trappings that bog down our great democracy and . . ." *gets a note handed to him* . . "this isnt a democracy, what is it?" <whisper whisper> "a dick-tator ship? with Montoya as...
  17. Devil Dog Hog

    Gotta rock that Covid hair.

    Your wife still touches you after all these years!? . . . . . *sniff* I'm so jealous. . .
  18. Devil Dog Hog

    Hi Test

    I see you've already trained and can pass our stringent basic qualifications of being able to crash into something while sober, BUT, the hallmarks of a true TESTie pilot is being incredibly inebriated and THEN crashing into stuff. Your' advance flight training will begin at 2200 hours at the...
  19. Devil Dog Hog

    The most TEST picture I have seen in years!

    I distinctly remember reading with drunk blurry eyes in the TEST parade manual that while saluting, you shall have a beer in the non-dominate hand. QUICK, GET THAT MAN A BEER!
  20. Devil Dog Hog

    My take on the redeemer size [picture heavy]

    My impression of it is its like a cross between a prowler with the two decks and passenger capacity, a Vanguard for size, firepower, and a valk for hauling a possible cyclone on the utility in the back like a halo pelican.
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