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  1. fraggdya

    RIP Dr. Hawking A giant of science who also gave us quantum drives and tv shenanigans. Rest in peace dude
  2. fraggdya

    [WTB] LTI Reclaimer or non LTI at a push

    ello. I’ve reached out to a couple of sellers, essentially looking for an LTI reclaimer at a good price, get paid on friday so would like to do it then over paypal. PM me if you are somewhat reputable and can help ☺️❤️
  3. fraggdya

    Selling RSI account

    Hiya, I've had a lot of change come my way of late, as such I'm looking to sell my RSI account lock stock and barrel (don't want to split) It's Kickstarter backed at bounty hunter tier with all the items and the ships included are as follows:- Anvil Super Hornet LTI Drake Herald LTI Cutlass...
  4. fraggdya

    [WTB] Star Citizen Mousepad

    Desperate for one of these, Ideally Drake or RSI, PM me if you can help - thanks. (Not keen on the mustang :))
  5. fraggdya

    Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog, Saitek Pro Flight Pedals & Wheel Stand Pro

    I'm selling the above as a package - bargain at £300 GBP Wheelstand pro is new and Warthog is in great condition - the pedals are great but there are some paint flecks on one edge (see pics) Shipping is likely to cost a bit due to weight. Will not split package. PM Me if interested - going...
  6. fraggdya

    WTB/WTT Drake Caterpillar [Got One]

    Have RSI Constellation & M50 I'm willing to trade :)
  7. fraggdya

    Upgraded my Rig

    New IKEA desk and I got a Wheelstand Pro for my Warthog HOTAS as recommended by TEST chat - which is pretty nice IMO. Struggling to get the pedals and Warthog to work & configure though :/ Chair I got from a junk shop yesterday - £10 (about $15)
  8. fraggdya

    Aurora Special

    Just mentioned on SC livestream :O Anyone know anything about this?
  9. fraggdya Patch Notes

    Greetings Citizen, Arena Commander V0.9.2.2 is now live! This is a minor patch, but the most exciting part is the introduction of Anvil Gladiator to the hangar. The Anvil Gladiator is the UEE premiere carrier-based torpedo-plane and space-to-ground dive bomber. You can update you copy of Star...
  10. fraggdya

    Apple Macbook Air 11in Core i7 8GB RAM 500GB SSD Powerful but small - a good buy, kept it in excellent condition. fraggdya
  11. fraggdya

    Star Citizen Playing Cards

    They are nice - my photos are bad :( However, good for drinking games!!
  12. fraggdya

    the fraggdya...

    Hiya TEST! I'm Andy (fraggdya) from England and just saying Hi. Hope youre all well :D
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