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  1. Thugari

    Vehicle Degredation

    sorry, but for the amount of real life money i paid for some of my ships, if i trade them in then the cost of replacement better be 0 creds
  2. Thugari

    Merry Xmas 2020!

    Thank you Glorious Leader, merry Christmas to you and your family
  3. Thugari

    Ive been in a 4 day complete Cyberpunk media black out! WTF is going on :D

    i am on my 2nd playthrough on pc, my system with a 2060super has not given me any issues ( i must be the lucky few) only one clothing glitch so far, and really enjoying the game
  4. Thugari

    Bug makes game unplayable

    Holy crap, i know him. That's Howard Wolowitz from big bang theory. AKA Simon Helberg
  5. Thugari

    Cyberpunk 2077 (is here!)

    I can honestly say that after playing a couple hours last night, i encountered no bugs or issues. look forward to playing more tonight. played the pc version as consoles are a blight on the gaming world.
  6. Thugari

    Farewell to the greatest.

    If angels have test pilots, he found his squadron. R.I.P "Chuck" Yeager
  7. Thugari

    Is the Perseus useful to the org?

    In all honesty, i would say no. there will already be quite a few perseus in test available at a moments notice. one thing this org is not missing its its share of ships. I say save the money go go elsewhere.
  8. Thugari

    Looking for a deep exploration/recon ship...

    no, not the Terrapin. When it comes to exploration and reasonable price go for a freelancer dur. reason being is cargo capacity, supposed ability to enter any jump point, decent sized fuel tanks, the ability to allow up to 4 friends to explore with you and decent armament. with a terrapin you...
  9. Thugari

    get free Elite Dangerous

    i posted above, free hcs voice pack, kate to go with it
  10. Thugari

    free HCS voicepack for

    kate voicepack is free hcs you need voice attack to make it work kate appears to have profiles for star citizen, elite dangerous, sta rwars squadrons, and no mans sky. i have not tested these yet as i am at work atm.
  11. Thugari

    Free steam keys

    i would be interested in pillars of eternity kickstarter royal if its available please
  12. Thugari

    This one is for the fans of Star Trek

    get him the book red shirts off amazon
  13. Thugari

    Star Wars Squadrons - First impressions

    just tried it in vr, was amazed. its a totally different game in vr
  14. Thugari

    Demolition Man and the near future

    well, i guess its time to move to the storm drains
  15. Thugari

    Microsoft Buys Zenimax! (DOOM, Fallout, Skyrim, and the whole LOT!)

    the Keg of Knowledge says "Wait for it".
  16. Thugari

    Microsoft Buys Zenimax! (DOOM, Fallout, Skyrim, and the whole LOT!)

    now is the time to get your xbox game pass for pc if you don't have it. lots a games are about to be added
  17. Thugari

    Join TEST! Caption this piece of propaganda!

    Great, there goes the planet.
  18. Thugari

    Choosing a Home Defense Weapon

    very true, everyone should take classes in situational awareness and tactical shooting. along with regular defense shooting classes
  19. Thugari

    Choosing a Home Defense Weapon

    here you go, colt bulldog...
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