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  1. Thugari

    free HCS voicepack for

    kate voicepack is free hcs you need voice attack to make it work kate appears to have profiles for star citizen, elite dangerous, sta rwars squadrons, and no mans sky. i have not tested these yet as i am at work atm.
  2. Thugari

    was finally able to buy a merchantman, and managed to save 100 dollars.

    I love it when a forgotten plan come together. i didn't realize i had a redeemer to merchantman upgrade just sitting in my hanger. and now after looking at my fleet i am definitely going to have to buy some small ships.
  3. Thugari

    Civilization VI free on epic games app

    title says it all, get civ 7 free till may 28th
  4. Thugari

    We need to test this out

    I just posted this vid i found in another thread, but i think we should test it. if it works then we amass our auroras and carracks to take over the verse
  5. Thugari

    is the Carrack undermanned?

    we now have the Carrack with recommended crew of 4 to 6 people. here are the stations i counted on my carrack 1- CARTOGRAPHY 1 ENGINEERING (BIG ENOUGH FOR 2) 2 DRONE OPERATORS 1 REPAIR ROOM 1 REMOTE TOP TURRET 1 SUPPORT UPPER STATION 1 BRIDGE UPPER NAVIGATION STATION 1 BRIDGE UPPER PILOT STATION...
  6. Thugari

    free game on humble bundle limited time only

    here you go serial cleaner
  7. Thugari

    Who made the Apollo space suits?

    I just seen an article on this and its actually pretty interesting and surprising. It seems that a bra manufacturing company allowed us to walk on the moon. they were the only company really capable of the 1/32 stitching tolerance, and maintain that through not 1 layer, but 21 layers using no...
  8. Thugari

    Humblebundle sale for streamers if anyone is interested

    just passing this along if anyone is interested Humble Bundle streamers package 25 dollars gets you the whole bundle, and you get to support a charity with it, its win/win.
  9. Thugari

    Must sell account all ships have LTI price is now $800 usd and still for sell

    Due to a financial emergency, I need to sell my star citizen account. I am not leaving the game, i just need some money fast. This is a concierge account that i invested $1180 dollar in Will to sell it for 900 US dollars. pics below show what is included, plus some stuff in buyback. please let...
  10. Thugari

    3.4 released to live

    3.4 is out, enjoy.
  11. Thugari

    is our streams section on the site working?

    i have noticed that every time i log into test the streaming part of the site has no one streaming. is it working or is no one using it anymore?
  12. Thugari

    RIP Stan Lee

    Stan Lee has passed at the age of 95, Creator of superheros, and for pushing pop culture more main stream. Stan Lee we will always love you and you sir will be missed.
  13. Thugari

    Downloading 3.3 now

    just seen it was available for concierge and subs. had to blab it out to the test verse.
  14. Thugari

    CitezenCon schedule

    just so everyone know when the magic happens The Schedule
  15. Thugari

    I am weak

    I got a great deal on a new vive, couldn't pass it up. Now my daughter wants my computer to play all the time. And i can say that what little i have seen with SkyrimVR, its awesome.
  16. Thugari

    IT"S MINE..

    Well, it will be within 30 years. I finally close on my house tomorrow.
  17. Thugari

    Why is my name blue in the forums?

    I know it's a stupid question, but I am curious.
  18. Thugari

    Steam Link on sale 95% off

    Steam summer sale has steamlink on sale. That's 2.50 US dollars to link your tv. Get it while its hot. I ended up ordering a link and steam controller for 35 dollars.
  19. Thugari

    R.I.P., R. Lee Ermey

    He was a great actor, going to miss him. I guess its a full metal jacket night to pay my respects.
  20. Thugari

    So, who is going to mars today?

    Surviving mars releases in 5 hours. Any exploring testies going to explore its cold surface? Cant wait to give it a try.
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