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  1. aeloy.


    Hey Testalonies, It's aeloy socializing space nerds again :grinning: Some of us will gather up at this year's Parookaville Festival in Weeze, Germany. We have full weekend camp tickets by now, so IF anybody wants to join us feel free to text me here or on discord.
  2. aeloy.

    PAX South 2018 Collector's Thread

    Hey guys, Traveling or being in San Antonio next week? Definitely come and hit us up on the Bar Citizen on Sat 13, at the at 7pm. I'm not running the event, but ofc I'll be there. May all the beer be consumed ;) Also, I'll post pics and info from the...
  3. aeloy.

    TEST artwork goes around the world

    So I drew that TEST Mustang about some weeks ago and @Hamsta_R asked whether he could have it. I packed the Mustang together with a letter and a TEST Badge and send it all around the world to California! Today my little Care package arrived and I'm totally happy everything got there safely...
  4. aeloy.

    Bar Citizen - Nov 18, 2017 - CGN, Germany

    Alien substances craving for consumption... UPDATE: Sign up here > Google Spread < Please also push Reddit + Spectrum You can also each out on the German discord :beers: Need a place to crash? Let me know!
  5. aeloy.

    I'm the 15000 - ask me anything

    Where you from stranger? Hi - I'm from Germany, well my roots are dutch, but whatever. What drew you to Star Citizen? Freaking spaceships and Piracy What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc) Piracy. What was the first game you remember playing? Counter-Strike...
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