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  1. LilleMats

    Soldier of Fortuna - LTI - Sold

    ---EDIT--- Sold to Friend outside test Hello fellow testies! 🍻 Im curretly looking to get rid of my soldier of furtuna pack with LTI at cost, this because im looking to open up some of my store credit to be able to buy the Persus warbond. and as i cant buy these with store credit id like to get...
  2. LilleMats

    Trading is NOT for pussies

    Hey. well i'm a huge trade/cargo hauler in game and i find that part of the game to be the most exciting atm, just flying around testing all and every trade route i could possibly find. 30k's seem to have become a lot less usual lately and in having me make huge profits to. ohh i cant even...
  3. LilleMats

    Game Package with LTI

    Hey all my great testes! So I'm looking into grabbing a game package that has LTI on it, pref one with SQ42 included in the pack. I've got quite a few standalone ships with this LTI business but my original game pack is pretty crap and to consider using money on it I'd like to have LTI on it...
  4. LilleMats

    Wildflowers dont grow on trees

    Where you from stranger? Norway What drew you to Star Citizen? The Community but also the fact that i just love doing Alpha/beta testing of any game being a dev myself. What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc) Exploration! also just roaming the gameworld doing...
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