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  1. sum1

    Anyone else playing No Man's Sky right now?

    So I have kinda gone overboard on this game (as I tend to do) It is a TOTALLY different game from the one I bought all those ages ago... in the best possible way, anyway here are some of the pictures I have taken over the last 2ish weeks. One of the cooler ships I have picked up. TWO SUNS...
  2. sum1

    This is The Trailer

  3. sum1

    2020 has officially gone too far!

    Headline: Rick Astley found dead at age 54.
  4. sum1

    Guide System v2

    Test needs to use this to benefit the community as a whole more.
  5. sum1

    I Think I have a problem (5 years with Test)

    Since I have joined up it has been a crazy ride with you guys. Even though you guys don't play enough Destiny with me. No other Star Citizen org is as drunk as you guys, and that just makes me feel good about myself. During my time here I have made some great friends and good memories. Hello to...
  6. sum1

    Guys, It's that day....

    D-DAY +76 years
  7. sum1

    The COVID-19 Quarantine theme-song!

  8. sum1

    Warzone Battle Royal intrest

    hey, so we just the news today of the new Warzone BR that is dropping tomorrow. here are the details: FREE 150 people with only 3 man squads (they hinted more to come) going to have two modes, one more like classic BRs, the other seem like it may be more Tarcov-y When you die (first time that...
  9. sum1

    Now that we have the Carrack....

    So how close to remaking the video below inside Star Citizen?
  10. sum1

    *Girlish squeals of delight*

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHAAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAOHANLKDS:FJ:LASDFJHNOI PFIHJFEO: FJEFE FE:LNMFOI:ASJ FO:IEF HJ :OF HF:ILF H:F KLJH :WFAJWF AO:I HFW:OFIW Yes, I know its been on the PTU. I don't care. I don't do PTU. I have avoided it because I have wanted to see it in-game for myself.
  11. sum1

    Security Operation Meteor Shower Recruitment (MISSION COMPLETE)

    Operation Meteor Shower is an upcoming GRAPS Combat Group training opportunity. I am attempting to keep a level of Opsec as it will end with a live-fire raid in the current PU. So here is what I am willing to share at current. It will take place over a four Saturdays 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th of...
  12. sum1

    The Battle of Itter (ww2 history)

    Hey, I just found this gem of a story about the U.S. and Germens (yes U.S. AND GERMANS) working together in the final days of WW2. Amazing story. Have you heard this story before? do you have any other cool history stories to share?
  13. sum1

    Snow No More!

    Ok, can we turn the snow off? honestly, it bugs the crap out of me every year. is there a way to turn the snow off on my account?
  14. sum1

    Modern Warfare

    I have really been enjoying the new Call of Duty, really brings me back to the old CoD4:MW, anyone else playing? I really want to get a 4 man team together to have some fun in some Spec Ops. try to do some missions stealth only unlock new operators, and so on. Let me know if you are playing at all.
  15. sum1

    Borderlands 3 Loot cave

    After about 10 mins of farming and picking up all my legendaries I snapped a quick pick... this place is stupid.
  16. sum1

    Amazing Area 51 raid photo gets out!

  17. sum1

    LevelCap Opinion in NYT on video game and crime.

    For those who don't know, I started watching Levelcap when playing Battlefield 3, he then turned me onto Star Citizen. So I keep an eye on his stuff because of his really good content, and well he has done it again. This Time the New York Times asked him, a gamer, to make some content talking...
  18. sum1

    The Cycle?

    Hey anyone watches The Cycle Gamescom presentation? In short: Free to play PvPvE shooter kinda but not really a battle royal. Your job is to gather resources on a planet with a storm that kills you rolling in every 20 mins. You earn credits in the match and call in the guns, gear, and abilities...
  19. sum1

    New Light Dawns, Shadowkeep lurks, The Undying. And all on Steam! Destiny 2 Year 3!

    Destiny 2 Year 2 has BEEN GREAT! (3/4 seasons) but now it is time to look forward! so lets go over some of the most basic, and awesome things happening as soon as October 1st. 1: Destiny, Bungie and all will be 100% free from Activision! 2: Destiny is moving the Steam! 3: Desiny 2: New Light...
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