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  1. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    Okay, I made a Reddit Alternative. from scratch. it's called Star Citizen with Hookers and Blackjack

    i was pissed that Dolvac thinks he has a right to wield community content as a weapon for his own agenda, and now he's looking to poach off reddit to make his own community with INN so he can monetize your content himself. he has too much to gain by ruining the reddit sub, so i said fuck it and...
  2. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    here's a couple of 4K screen grabs of the character model in the PTU

    i don't know if these are of interest. Which patch changed the model to this guy? imgur gallery of some others, but they are in 1080p
  3. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    Crash Academy: The Official Unofficial Weekly Test Squadron Flight School, Wednesdays at 9PM

    Join us Every Wednesday at 9PM CST (3AM UTC) on Mumble and in-game!
  4. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    @ PAX thread

    i'll be headed down the the aztec in about 30 minutes. i'll try and post some pics and update this thread periodically. looking forward to bumping into some TESTes!
  5. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    anyone able to play any matches today?

    i tried last night and ran into problems most people are, login issues and disconnected from server. also more frequent crashes to desktop. any of this resorted yet? i'll be playing tonight, i want to shoot up my aurora with my pistol. i did get into free flight for a few minutes. the sounds...
  6. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    Oh wow, that gladiator

    i'll post some screenshots later, but it looks fantastic. like a thanksgiving turkey stuffed with torpedoes. imgur album (33 images):
  7. Lonestar the Kilrathi


    i think this is a good thing for the game in general. If WoW taught me anything cool mounts and pets are a really, really popular collectible and people really, really love collecting things. I was never a mount or pet collector myself, i was more of a raider, but there were whole guilds built...
  8. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    Kerbal bomber

    Lonestar the Kilrathi plays Kerbal Space Program (skip to 4 minutes for the explosion)
  9. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    so is this new patch as awesome as the patch notes?

    wow, so many things added i've been wanting. gimal lock, hojam toggle, lag pips, headlook bound to pitch and yaw within a boundary box, headlook focus... i mean, damn, this is all gold. pure gold.
  10. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    m50 thread

    so, uh, yeah... needs a nerf. it's OP as hell. lol. it's my favorite, i love it. maybe with the netcode problems fixed they won't have to nerf its maneuverability or acceleration (but yeah that acceleration is freaking nuts, i can be going -280 mps and boost forward and 2 seconds later i'm...
  11. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    EVGA gtx 980 thread [problems and solutions]

    PC specs: Asus Maximus 4 extreme motherboard i7 2600k CPU 8gb DDR3 1600 corsair EVGA gtx 980 750w PSU win 7/64 tl;dr: upgraded from EVGA gtx570 and began having many crashes to desktop (CTD) but more importantly many blue screens (BSOD). Either i have a bad video card or something else bad...
  12. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    any teams forming up for Citizen's cup?

    tournaments are fun
  13. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    joystick +mouse

    so i usually have been binding headlook to my second joystick x,y axes, but evidently that is borked now and i can't make it work. so i tried aiming with the mouse and flying with the joystick. it used to be that the 2 devices fought each other for primary control and was impossible to use...
  14. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    neat website about flying with wingmen and brevity code. kinda broken.

    pretty cool list of fighter pilot slang [from the website] Fighter pilot ‘slang’ has invaded the vocabulary of everyday folk. Prior to the movie Top Gun, I can’t recall ANYBODY outside of the tactical flying community using the word ‘ballistic.’ I hear...
  15. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    the Terrifying Turret Build: Single and Dual Joystick xml Locking Aim to Pitch and Yaw
  16. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    HEY: check it out, my joystick works in AC now

    what do you know. i was going to try and find a new one today but was discouraged and so i just tried this old USB Saitek, uh, cyborg 3d gold from 15 years ago. i was using a 360 controller, but i like this old joystick kind of a lot. sucks not having head look though to gimble my guns, so i'm...
  17. Lonestar the Kilrathi

    it's saturday, you know what that means!

    wake and bake and drinking in the morning yee-haw
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