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  1. Ayeteeone

    Ship Weapon choices in the Era of capacitors (patch 3.14 and beyond)

    3.14 did what every good pie should do, it teases your senses for a while then hits you right where you live… (for those of us who eat, anyway). The Tier 0 implementation of Capacitor gameplay, along with a few other key changes in this patch, has accomplished several the goals that the Vehicle...
  2. Ayeteeone

    I only wish this was my simpit. Boss, you may need to buy back that Constellation...

  3. Ayeteeone

    Tobii Eye Tracker guide

    A clean explanation of how to make it useful by Chagam. I am recommending the Tobii and his explanation, as it turns this quirky gadget into a useful tool. View:
  4. Ayeteeone

    EvE Online servers

    Been a few years since I dedicated any time to EvE.. but this fluffy piece from Polygon is a great reminder that online gaming brings its own unique issues, and long established games still have problems...
  5. Ayeteeone

    Thoughts on Nvidia Reflex?

    Opinions folks? View: Pretty sure it doesn't matter at this stage of SC development, but am happy to see both AMD and Nvidia pursuing the topic of input latency.
  6. Ayeteeone

    Exploration Travel effort within the galaxy

    In an effort to understand how existing space travel mechanics will 'feel' when our playground expands, I did some rough calculations. The ARK Starmap lists distances in AU, so the first factoid required was the SC value of 1 astronomical unit. For that, I reached out to the humble fountain of...
  7. Ayeteeone


    Finally came around to my senses and accepted the invitation to TEST. It fits, as testing is what I do irl.. much longer story there, would need at least a six pack of cider/beer, an open bottle of Radegast, a dry sense of humor and possibly a security clearance. Snacks might also be a good...
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