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  1. Jolly_Green_Giant

    SpaceX Demo mission 2 (LIFT OFF! WE HAVE LIFTOFF! Thanks for tuning in, this is history!))

    This launch is really important to me. I know I'm not always the most humble when it comes to me talking about working at SpaceX, but when looking for things to be prideful of in my life, very few things come close. I want to tell the world. The commercial crew program is a huge leap for human...
  2. Jolly_Green_Giant

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    As this is an important topic and with the blessing of Montoya, I am creating this thread for all things relating to the emerging coronavirus out of China. It will be a good repository for information, a good forum for discussion / speculation, and a great place to post memes. Some may say...
  3. Jolly_Green_Giant

    I Decided to try my hand at SC "Photography"

    Photography is a hobby of mine, but haven't touched it much since I moved back to the US. With 3.3 / 3.4 and all of the detailed and beautiful environments / assets, I wanted to take a closer look. The game completely changes when you take the time to walk everywhere and look at things most...
  4. Jolly_Green_Giant

    This is a gaming studio that gets gamers.

    Just for those of you that have never seen this. I absolutely love it because it's so insane. I'm hoping they do something similar this year. Enjoy.
  5. Jolly_Green_Giant

    NVIDIA is now offering online courses.

    Please see the link below.
  6. Jolly_Green_Giant

    [NSFW] Morale Patches.

    I'm starting to get a good collection of patches in my saved pictures file. I figured this would be a good place to put them and I would encourage others to contribute. Military or not, it doesn't matter, so long as they are "dank" as the kiddos would describe them these days. If anyone has an...
  7. Jolly_Green_Giant

    Mr. Stephen Hawking

    This is a heartbreaking death for me. I've sat many nights wondering what this man could be thinking about or what his contributions to society have been. I've had the pleasure of walking aimlessly around the campus of Kings College in Cambridge, thinking about life and what it's all about, what...
  8. Jolly_Green_Giant

    If you were designing a ship from the interior out ...

    If you were designing a ship from the interior out, what would you like to see in SC? Think.. Practicality, Accessibility, Function, Crew requirements and Amenities. Also cool factor and wether or not it has a TEST brand kegerator.
  9. Jolly_Green_Giant


    If you know what this is and have any experience, I need your help. SpaceX will be grilling me on my knowledge of this as they feel I am a good fit for what they need. I am a USAF ECM technician by trade (Avionics) and I do have some experience with it, but my memory is shot as I havent held a...
  10. Jolly_Green_Giant

    Science and Futurism

    Post and discuss all things science and futurism. I really like a similar community I'm part of, and it's full of some absolutely brilliant minds who share their passion about some of the coolest, most interesting and complex things in our universe. I watch a lot of lectures from different...
  11. Jolly_Green_Giant

    Johnny 5: NEED INPUT

    FIRST OFF: I love short circuit. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, here's a short clip: View: SECOND OFF: I'm working on some art. I was pretty disappointed my battery died and I didn't get the shot I wanted from the launch the other day...
  12. Jolly_Green_Giant

    Elon Musk or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the Falcon Heavy.

    Let me preface with something I wrote a fews days ago: "If you haven't noticed, my interest in the space industry is pretty high, and here's why. Within the last 10 years, the technology and competition that allows us easier access to our earths orbit and beyond has *cough* skyrocketed. With...
  13. Jolly_Green_Giant

    New life direction

    Hey all, I've been in an interesting spot with my life lately, where I find myself with very few obligations. I separated from the USAF in July, and since then have been trying to figure out what to do next. I'll keep the story short. I'm living with my widowed great aunt and can't take jobs...
  14. Jolly_Green_Giant

    CIG has confirmed the existence of non-cosmetic Lootcrates in SQ42

    Sorry, I'm a compulsive liar. The title is completely false. Feel free to post your frustrations of the day in all caps in this thread. Love you all. Fly safe.
  15. Jolly_Green_Giant

    TEST pet update.

    For those of you who don't already know, I have a huge admiration for a man named George Hull. He is the artist behind the Orion and the Reclaimer, as well as scenes from movies such as The Matrix, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Jupiter Ascending, etc... Well looking on his facebook page, he posted...
  16. Jolly_Green_Giant


    Hey all, for those of you who used to play Everquest back in the day, their newest progression server just opened up the Ruins of Kunark expansion. Every 12 weeks a new expansion will come about if its voted on all the way up until Planes of Power and the 2 little expansions after LDoN and LoY...
  17. Jolly_Green_Giant

    The Director Mode Thread.

    I'm not sure if there is one already, but I looked and couldn't find one. Consider this the thread to show off your director mode shots. I was messing around with it and some editing software and came out with some pics I'm quite happy with, they made a great decision adding this in game.
  18. Jolly_Green_Giant

    It will be nice when we can paint our ships

    I spent some time in photoshop to add a little bit of TEST and Jolly Green flair to my reclaimer.
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