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  1. Esctasy

    CitizenCon 2951 Summary?

    Is there a summary of this year's CitizenCon somewhere? Just wanted to know if we were getting any new systems? Server meshing? Basically what new features is available, or did SC wasted another year and just put a out new ships for sale? At this rate Mr Roberts might have to eat his words of SC...
  2. Esctasy

    Anyone playing Diablo II Resurrected?

    Let me know, need some friends to play with :p
  3. Esctasy

    Constellations have S3 shields!?

    Just curious if anyone knows why CIG put S3 shield on a ship that costs $150? Even it's physical size doesn't support such a big shield. If anything the Valk or Tali should get it first? Also the Sabre got 1 shield removed, but not the Nomad? Some loose wires going on at CIG.
  4. Esctasy

    How do I start the Assault on Stanton event?

    Took a break to play other games, now back and so how do I get into this event?
  5. Esctasy

    Edit: Fixer patch in PTU

    I think anyways, still downloading.
  6. Esctasy

    Hiyjack an Idris

    Here's my first unsuccessful attempt. There is an opening on the side Docking Collar. Once you are inside, there isn't any interiors. I tried to make a run for the bridge but wasn't successful. I keep falling out of the ship in the mid section of the Idris, maybe I will try to stay at the edge...
  7. Esctasy

    35 seconds Idris Kill

    In an earlier post, I mentioned one of my kills was much faster. But had no video for it so it didn't sit well for me. Today the mission finally popped up for me, that means another video! Full escorts spawn. From the time I launched my first missile (at 1:25) to the destruction of the Idris...
  8. Esctasy

    Idris needs some serious balancing

    I really don't know where they found their Evocati testers, but they aren't very good at testing. Yesterday, I solo the Idris. Took some 45 seconds to kill it. Today, I soloed another Idris in under 35 seconds, with 1 torp left over. It is ridiculous that you have thousands of testers and still...
  9. Esctasy

    Pirate Idris can now be spawned!

    After completing my Master Cert. I did about 30ish ERT Missions (HammerHead). Then the Arlington Quest line popped up. After the Arlington Quest line, Miles gives me 2 more series of group BH Quests (timed) in Hurston & Crusader. After the 2nd set of missions I got 30k. When I came back I saw...
  10. Esctasy

    Minor patch upgrade wipes weapons, ammo, components?

    I saved much of my UEC to buy components when 3.12 released because they always get wiped during major patches. But this is the first time a minor patch wiped most of my components. About 7M of components down the drain. Is this going to be a thing moving forward, wipes for every minor patch...
  11. Esctasy

    Nothing here

  12. Esctasy

    3.12 is Live

    It's late, but live now. Enjoy! Talons jumped to $115.00
  13. Esctasy

    Eye tracker for SC

    So I just saw this on the pledge store. Decided to pick it up and give it a try. Looks really cool, anyone used this? How well does it work?
  14. Esctasy

    UEE Idris going down

    Just wondering if Test has any plans to put together a team for the purpose of attacking a UEE Idris on patrol this coming up patch? Rumor is there could be a pirate Idris as well. Edit: What types of fleet composition do you think we would need?
  15. Esctasy

    Nothing here

  16. Esctasy

    Where can I buy a new gaming system?

    Hello just looking for a couple of sites I can buy a new gaming computer. Just wanted to pick-up a pre-made system so I don't have to choose any options. Also want the very best currently available. Did some google searches but if some of you had a good experience from a particular site please...
  17. Esctasy

    Anyone able to get the Polaris Warbond CCU to work?

    I can't seem to get this to work, wondering if it's just me?
  18. Esctasy

    New road map

    Our new road map looks pretty cool. Watch the video.
  19. Esctasy

    Finding player crew for your multi-crew ship

    Was wondering what everyone's opinion on this is. If my math is correct, most players will have at least one multi-crew ship. Everyone will want to fly their ship, so who is left to crew? $325M worth of ships exist, and there are years more to go, it's not unreasonable to assume 700M+ in ships...
  20. Esctasy

    What the heck!? Chris is making a killing

    Below is what I captured Dec 1st 2019. This is today's. Almost 75M in less than a year! Wonder what Mr. Roberts is doing with all this extra cash haha
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