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  1. Reebourne

    R.I.P Betty White

    I just heard, gutted she did not reach 100.
  2. Reebourne

    New Years resolutions 2022

    1) Drink more Beer 2) Eat more unhealthy food 3) Do less Exercise I have tried the Healthy ones year on year and failed so this year I am getting more realistic ones lol
  3. Reebourne

    EZ HAB for all your Hotel stay needs

  4. Reebourne

    Hello All

    Welcome to the Mad House
  5. Reebourne

    Hello, I finally got around to accepting Montoya's invitation from 2014

    Better late than never they all ways say. Though I am not sure who "They" are!
  6. Reebourne

    Odyssey Wow just Wow. I want one, but i'm not selling my Kidney for it lol.
  7. Reebourne

    My Fleet: OK Guys, I think I'm finally satisfied.

    Think again
  8. Reebourne

    Hi Star Citizens

    Welcome to the asylum.
  9. Reebourne

    Second Account for "Bad guy"?

    Hi fellow Testies. I have been debating starting a second account to take advantage of the Argo referral. And have been thinking on if I will need a Good Guy and a Bad Guy account. If I want to take advantage of all content. I am not sure if the standings would contradict each other and make...
  10. Reebourne

    Opinions: 400i vs DUR

    I just upgraded my Dur to a 400i. mostly because it looks good. but also it is a very practical ship nice facilities for all 3 crew. again carry space for 2 vehicles or some cargo. Looks like a ship I would use on a daily basis. The Dur looks more like a hardcore explorer. Also I am...
  11. Reebourne


    Passed with flying colours.
  12. Reebourne

    So will Pyro 3 be the test homebase?

    Well I thought the plan was to build a flotilla around Miranda and just stare off in to Uranus. While sending out raiding parties for Beer and Snacks. After all. Testers are believed by most of the 'verse to be men that went insane at the edge of space and became savage. They stared into the...
  13. Reebourne

    The Anvil Liberator

    This would make a great mining fleet addition 3 Prospector and a few ROC onboard with 400 units of ore storage.
  14. Reebourne

    The Origin 400i

    It is a single S3 if you click on it on the spec page its says s3 its just a misprint
  15. Reebourne

    The Origin 400i

    I had to upgrade to one its way more beautiful than the Freelancer Dur. Now I Need an X1 Force lol.
  16. Reebourne


    The True True test answer Sell both buy this: Its Test colour approved, all electric, and immune to speeding tickets.
  17. Reebourne

    Shit new applicants are saying

    Pretty sure ours has more hair.
  18. Reebourne

    Fan made Aegis 8min video! WATCH IT!

    Amazing! But I saw our Logo, but it was not on an Aurora, I am confused. Do we fly other ships or something? 😉
  19. Reebourne

    Farnham's Legacy X3 Albion Prelude DLC only 10 years late but Free!

    Any old school X3 AP fans here? View: X3: Farnham's Legacy is a new game in the X3 space game series. TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD, THINK in a living and breathing universe. It incorporates a new storyline and yet more additions to the open, free-form...
  20. Reebourne

    Merry Xmas 2020!

    Merry Christmas Glorious Leader. And to the rest of the Test members. May the Beer Flow free and the Food stuff you all!
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