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  1. ThunderKraken

    Gib squadron42 horizontal slice

    That is all
  2. ThunderKraken

    Shootable components

    So will level small ships be all the rage now? Their thrusters are tiny.
  3. ThunderKraken

    Anyone play SWG?

    Just started playing swg legends it has full access to JTL which is the reason I backed star citizen. Pretty decent ship mechanics and flying
  4. ThunderKraken

    Anvil Hurricane ship of choice for Cannon Fodder Squardon

    Paper armor, small shields, no eject seat. It's an aurora strapped with dual magnums!! Lot of people hate it for survivability but put a group of people to plow a target or used for clean up... I am sure we can wreck some stuff. Just bring us a Test clergy man to read us our last rights.
  5. ThunderKraken


    Since we don't have 10 FTC anymore, gotta supplement it with Montoya to get my fix. Say 8 [email protected]$t questions and 2 serious questions? Anyone down? 1.) when is sots 21 coming out 2.) when will sots 21 come out 3.) is sots 21 coming out soon? 4.) favorite lite beer?
  6. ThunderKraken

    Other Cannon Fodder Sub-division

    So we have the yellow jackets that are aggressive flying, and now we have the knight templars for defence. Can we hAve a seperate division for people that have no regard for their lives to jump first into battle so these other guys can do their job? "Thunder Kraken died doing what he loved."
  7. ThunderKraken

    PSA: New Buyback Token Oct 1.

    Use your 1 buyback token before it gets wasted!
  8. ThunderKraken

    More Rumors? Portfolio: 999th Test Squadron!!?
  9. ThunderKraken

    My Shubin Job Application

  10. ThunderKraken

    hurrro there! im new

    hi im a night owl central time zone. I have 3 ships an aurora mr, vanduul blade,and I recently got a hold of the starfarer. When game releases, I will be down for anything mining, working as a crew on a ship, raids, roleplaying whatever but honestly since I have a vanduul ship I want to...
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