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  1. blazingfirefly

    [WTS] LTI BMM (350 USD) or Carrack (400 USD) or Odyssey (500 USD)

    Hi There I have a lot of store credit laying around, which I now would like to get rid of. Therefore, I am selling a BMM LTI (upgraded from an X-1 Force) for approx. 400 USD. (Pay-pal fees are included) As well as a standard Carrack LTI (upgraded from an X-1 Force) for approx. 450 USD. (Pay-pal...
  2. blazingfirefly

    Selling a Caterpillar and dual Dragonfly Package approx. 320USD

    I am selling a Caterpillar with dual Dragonfly package for approx. 320 USD (300USD + paypal fees) If you are interested PM me. It is also listed on E-bay: (122780548456) and Star-hangar if you feel more comfortable of buying it through these channels. However, the listed price is higher because...
  3. blazingfirefly

    WTS LTI Caterpillar (Game) Package SOLD!

    Hey everyone In order to push myself over the concierge limit. I bought back the LTI Caterpillar (Game) Package which includes a Dragonfly Yellowjacket, Dragonfly Black and some Hangar Flair, which I melted some time ago. I am now selling the package at self costs of aprox. 300USD excluding...
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