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  1. Lordgarrett99

    Star Citizen Meme Thread

    ill start
  2. Lordgarrett99


    (source: @Montoya) people may have been receiving these types of messages, very fishy, very dangerous DONT CLICK ANY LINKS LIKE THIS, EVER, BLOCK AND REPORT IT TO YOUR SERVER MODS AND SEND A REPORT TO DISCORD i mean, it has "blade gang.exe" as the file name, should be a dead giveaway, but it...
  3. Lordgarrett99

    Crypto decline the last few days

    crypto has taken a massive market drop very recently, like the past few days recent, and its major news. things to note: Russia is the biggest player from what I see in this price fall, but overall its due to a few things: 1 . Russia's central bank Proposed a ban on crypto mining, trading...
  4. Lordgarrett99

    Dealing with Loss (serious/emotional thread)

    First i want to say I'm ok and at peace but vigilant, and I'm not here to make anyone cry or upset, i want to just vent a second, ask a question, and encourage some good reminders to my test family. next i want to remind everyone of this thread...
  5. Lordgarrett99

    Theory-crafting, the pros, the cons, and why we do it:

    :o7: o7 all, I've seen many fellow TEST members, including myself as a prominent example, take part in various discussions regarding possible implementations, scenarios, and methods of game mechanics, game activities, and numbers related to those in-game things, this is called...
  6. Lordgarrett99

    what is yalls opinions on org taxes?

    eventually, the game will come out and organizations will need ways to pay for their activities/endeavors/etc... , taxes are one of those methods personally: i think taxes (if needed) should be optional with benefits included for paying a small portion of your income to the org each month, and...
  7. Lordgarrett99

    R.I.P Betty White

    you will be missed ❤ source:
  8. Lordgarrett99

    New Years resolutions 2022

    Hello my fellow Testies, i thought it would be cool to do a new years resolutions thread, if there is already one done, ill link it here. no rules other than try to keep it to around 2-3 :) Lordgarretts resolutions: 1. Take more steps to get a job, at 19 its important for me to consider these...
  9. Lordgarrett99

    finally joined the DUAL STICK CLUB!!! any suggestions for extra keybinds?

    im using the t16000m dual stick set, binded a hotkey for hailing targets (right ctrl + left hat up) and my layout is BKs joytokey setup looking for cool suggestions, heres some ive heard so far: -tablet like an ipad for gameglass thanks :D
  10. Lordgarrett99

    got my custom test apparel! very comfy and dope!!

    original thread: IM SO WEARING THESE TO CITIZENCON 2021 :D
  11. Lordgarrett99

    funniest star citizen videos? (official or unofficial)

    post away, i dont really know, maybe the end of this one: View:
  12. Lordgarrett99

    TEST unofficial trading sheet/graphs, send in your trading data today :D

    THE FORM TO CONTRIBUTE:(updated 7pm PST 6/26/2020) WATCH THE DATA/GRAPHS HERE(ignore the various stuff in the preview)...
  13. Lordgarrett99

    today on an all new "drunk spelling with O-Lefty"

    the only reason lefty was mentioned is because he is the only online mod on our guilded server serious shit aside, can lefty help teach english if our non english speakers are interested? XD also remind me to call every fleet with lefty in it a "squardon"
  14. Lordgarrett99

    made a cool montage flying my arrow, check it out!

    View: boy oh boy am i ever excited to make stuff like this! i hope you enjoy, not the fastest/craziest maneuvers but a montage none the less :) i hope this inspires you to fly with a bit more speed in your fighter!
  15. Lordgarrett99

    decided to get some custom test apparel, $111 spent on dope stuff!!

    HOODIE BANDANA SHIRT i hope this inspires you to get some test gear! :D
  16. Lordgarrett99

    name all the spaceships in star citizen, pledgeable or not, one comment at a time #imbored

    1 post per person per hour (set timers and cheaters will be embarrased) DO IT IN MAX FONT AND IN BOLD ill exclude the starters for you: RSI AURORA MR C.O MUSTANG ALPHA MUST INCLUDE MANUFACTURER AND ANY IDENTIFIERS AS NEEDED G O
  17. Lordgarrett99

    food/drink at battlestation thread

    every citizen needs their dietary supplements while gaming for long hours. post your delicacies while at your battlestation here! my dish tonight: rice w/butter n soy sauce :D (plus thing of water w/ straw cause #strawgang
  18. Lordgarrett99

    who here has the biggest, richest hangar? GO

    $$$ i have jackshit AKA 1 arrow and 1 cutlass $$$ LEADERBOARD: ----$ ---$ --$ -$ -$
  19. Lordgarrett99

    How would star citizen backers feel about esports (racing, dogfighting, ship takeover, etc) in a separate game set in the SC universe like SQ42

    I have had several chats with people about this subject and personally I feel that CIG, once they get the PU mostly stable in a few years and SQ42 is released, should consider adding an esports related game set in arenas in the verse that should be, in my opinion, F2P. Why F2P? 1. Most esports...
  20. Lordgarrett99

    my formal introduction, ive posted before and am coming back to discord but here is my story

    hello, my name is lordgarrett99, or EL X as i have my discord as. i started start citizen towards the end of last year, i started with an aurora and eventually got a avenger titan and now a cutlass black as well as an arrow. the arrow is my favorite to fly around planets at high speed, but...
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