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  1. Hybus

    HiDef Test Armor

    Now you're thinking, you want to snag a delightful set of your own HD Test armour, after all, it seems made for us. Seems simple enough, take a bunker defend mission, fly there in something like a connie or cutty. Bring your tractor tool, after the fun pile on all the dead bodies, friendlies or...
  2. Hybus

    Test squadron has infiltrated Star Wars

    @Stevetank and I have successfully infiltrated Star Wars, we didn't think we'd make it all the way here and not get caught. Not sure which ships we should acquire.
  3. Hybus

    What to when you sent somewhere down south for work?

    Drinks! Aunt Berut does not skimp on the pours, also gonna steal that. Hijinks! Gonna steal that too. Crap, crashed 2, that hunk of junk is my ticket out of here. Didn't make it far, Imperial cruiser waiting in orbit and the hyperdrive failed. Tossed into Imperial Detention Well, I...
  4. Hybus

    Esperia Talon is up for sale on coincerge

    Talon You can get them if you've got access.
  5. Hybus

    Concierge Hat review

    So, I snagged a couple hats from the concierge and they just came in, Hats seem well made, plastic clip adjustment on rear. No rear facing emblems. I would best describe them in person as subtle, rather than wearing something that screams look at all the money I spent.
  6. Hybus

    Another 4'r?

    Just hit that 4 year mark in Testiversaries, I believe that year anniversary is traditionally to buy a space jpg. Weird, just like the previous ones.
  7. Hybus

    Screens leaked for Anvil's Citizencon ship

    Behold, the Anvil - Anvil! Both heavily armored for a tank role and useful for when you crash on a planet and need to hammer out stuff. Weapons? No worries, the whole ship is one big hardpoint!
  8. Hybus

    Concierge Store Merch

    Seems it just opened up for some new stuff, directly on the page, at least I didn't notice it yesterday.
  9. Hybus

    I'mma steal that

    Managed to get onboard, Npc pilot crashed it
  10. Hybus

    Perma Death

    View: Perma death seems to be a point of discussion lately, particularly what do you do to people who abuse the mechanic. Sure you troll, grief and asshat your way, ruining noobs lives in starting ports and safer areas, but then you eventually die...
  11. Hybus

    Holiday Specials released I was hoping for a little more than just a few of the basic starter packages,
  12. Hybus

    Can you jack NPC starships........

    The answer is....... yes, under certain circumstances anyways. Thalstan and I were out and about, decided to respond to an emergency beacon, and defended a starfarer from several waves of pirates. After which, the SF refused to depart the area and pay out the contract, naturally I boarded his...
  13. Hybus

    3.0 Darkness in general

    I was wondering if anyone had issues with it being super dark in general and some solutions. I find it really annoying I can't see what is in the target markers and if you are using a slow weapon the shots tend not to land very well. I get it, space is dark, and I'm actually very fond of it...
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