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  1. makute

    Warhammer 40,000: SPACE MARINE 2 - Reveal Trailer

    One of the very few games I wished a sequel were made but never thought I could see it done.
  2. makute

    Old OC buy backs for sale.

    Hello everyone, I found some old LTI ships, packages and CCU's I forgot about while rummaging through my accounts buy back. I'd like to offer them to any Testie willing to pay an extra to cover VAT and PayPal fees. Maybe you'll find them cheaper in the RSI store while the IAE lasts; still, some...
  3. makute

    TEST Squadron featured in "This Week in Star Citizen".

    It seems the bribes are paying off:
  4. makute

    CCU'd LTI Banu Merchantman $290

    Good day testies, If anyone is interested, I have a CCU'd LTI Banu Merchantman available for $290, Paypal fees included. Please, disregard my old sale thread as it's still not updated :P
  5. makute

    King of Dragon Pass, RPG, tribe management, masterpiece

    The next game in the series of "games every Testie should play" is King of Dragon Pass. Developed by David Dunham, Greg Stafford and Robin D. Laws (names any roleplayer worth its salt should recognize), it was released in 1999 for PC and MacOS. King of Dragon Pass is a beautifully hand-drawed...
  6. makute

    Unreal World, survival roguelike at its finest

    I just noticed that there is not an Unreal World thread yet in the TEST forums. You're lucky I'm here to fix that :slight_smile: I've been playing videogames for almost 30 years now, and this is one of my favorite games ever. A real work of love from the Finnish brothers Sami and Erkka, its...
  7. makute

    Astora Wide News

    Good day everyone .This is not my work, just wanted to rise awareness about this: That's the cover of the third issue of Astora Wide News, "...a lore based magazine. A magazine on all development regarding Astora Protocol and their rise. Intersected with informational reads on ships...
  8. makute

    Makute's store Grand Reopening! LTI game packages! Limited and special variants upgrades available!

    The store is closed, as I liquidated my stuff last year. There a lot of Testies willing to help enlarge yout fleet though, good luck!
  9. makute

    Need help from a Canadian Testie

    Good day all, I'm going to make a purchase at a canadian online store, but they charge a whooping $85 to ship the stuff to Spain. I've purchased from the other side of the pond before and the shipping costs weren't that high... maybe canadians are poor logisticians? Whatever. I'll really...
  10. makute

    Hello everyone!

    Greetings Testies, Where you from stranger? I'm from Spain, land of beauty and crazy parties. What drew you to Star Citizen? I signed into the old RSI website the very second I knew mr. Roberts were making a new game. What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc)...
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