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  1. Bambooza

    Pirates among us

    View: Not a bad talk on the subject of piracy in SC. I agree with them that the cargo refactor will be a significant step forward to piracy I am not sure I agree with them that it's a very viable profession at the moment.
  2. Bambooza

    life-support generator now able to remove the atmosphere from a room Not sure about the rest of you but I am rather fond of having an atmosphere in a room. I predict the biggest source of tears is going to be the removal of fuel scoops from so many ships in...
  3. Bambooza

    What will be the first thing you write/draw in game?

    View: Well besides the ubiquitous penis drawing.
  4. Bambooza

    New Ships IAE

    Two new ships. Manufactures Argo and MISC. MISC will be a large ship. View:
  5. Bambooza

    Tesla - Aug 19th

    What is Tesla up to? Tune in today at 5pm PDT.
  6. Bambooza

    Nyx system

    View: Looking at these pictures if no one told you they were in a video game one could easily mistake them for Nasa probe data. Nope that last one was a real picture of Mars.
  7. Bambooza

    All about 3.14

    View: Things of note: Fighter ship's shields are changing to be bubble shields instead of quadrant-based large ships will still have 4 quadrants. Capacitor introduction has changed from being a boost to being integrated into the energy distribution...
  8. Bambooza

    Battlefield 2042

    It’s looking good. I stayed away from the last two as Dice seemed to have lost its way but I still have hope they will come up with a great follow up to battlefield 4 (after the network fixes) View:
  9. Bambooza

    CitizenCon 2951

    Looks like another digital year.
  10. Bambooza

    April 7th, 2021 Roadmap Roundup Still looking over the roadmap but some exciting new features that have been added. Persistent Hangars Work that grants players the ability to have their own Persistent Hangars. This will also...
  11. Bambooza

    LFG; Loadmaster

    Need someone skilled at making sure this open vast chasm of storage potential is filled with beer and correctly secured prior to take off. Don't want to end up like this. View:
  12. Bambooza

    Q & A Perseus So it's not really meant to go after capital ships just large ships. The hammerhead is meant to deal with swarms of fighter/small bombers while the Perseus can cripple capital ships if targeting the right spot they...
  13. Bambooza

    PAX (penny arcade expo) So it looks like it's going to be online and free this year.
  14. Bambooza

    Mercury Star Runner looking good.

  15. Bambooza

    New ship from Esperia?

    Sneak Peek
  16. Bambooza

    Space Whales.

  17. Bambooza

    Idris attack

    Don't worry the pain ends when you respawn. View:
  18. Bambooza

    Curiosity Panorama of Mars

  19. Bambooza

    New Origin ship? Explorer?

    Have a feeling we will need to wait until LA CitizenCon to find out.
  20. Bambooza

    Fellow Testie keeping us honest

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