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  1. Gucci

    Looking to sell my account

    Hey guys! To keep a long story short, I've built up my account again over the last few years and I'm in a position where the money tied up in the ships would better serve real-life costs :) If you are in the market for an account, please consider mine as I am selling at a discount. I have...
  2. Gucci

    CCU help/suggesstions wanted from you guys

    I am 55$ away from a certain milestone in spending...I am full of shame...but also pretty happy about the deals/pixels I now "own"! I dont have many original/concept buy-backs like some others here do, but I have a fleet that pretty much covers what I want to do(at the moment©). We know ship...
  3. Gucci

    Are we getting a new concept soon?

    Just wondering if its likely that a new concept ship will be launched anytime soon (next 4 weeks or so). I thought there was supposed to be a new origin ship coming? 400?
  4. Gucci

    BMM keeping its Cargo space! Good news, I know there were some people saying it would step on toes of other ships that can hold a similar amount but I think we can all agree that the roles/features are different for each.
  5. Gucci

    Looking for...

    Glad to be back after a couple years away. Started a small fleet during the sale but missing a crucial org requirement... An Aurora! (Prefer LN and LTI). Anyone have one for sale or on buyback???? Thanks for looking!
  6. Gucci

    Moving and need to Sell my account :(

    Hello Folks, I hate to have to do this but my family is moving in a few months and every bit of extra money made/saved is going to make the move easier on us... I spent a few years buying and upgrading my little fleet and I dont feel good about selling but its for something way more important...
  7. Gucci

    Industry Ship Rentals maybe in the PU?

    I know that an agreement can be made by two parties in any number of ways in/out of game to use a ship. But, do we have any reason to think there will be an in-game mechanic to put your ship(s) out for lease/rent by other NPCs/players? I wasnt able to find any info in official forums/media.
  8. Gucci

    Pooper Post

    Just sitting here on my toilet.....finished a few minutes ago but don't wanna get off yet, you ever feel like that? Anyways, what do you all think the best first week operations will be when the game launches? Explore the shit out of our system(s) looking for the bengal? Trying to get supply...
  9. Gucci

    Anyone else excited about *when* not if, TEST finds a Bengal?

    When I heard about the Bengal Carriers being scattered and abandoned all over the PU I immediately thought the race would be on from day 1 from the exploration side. Test being as huge as it is, with so many explorers, its just a matter of when, not if we find our own Bengal. I cant wait to...
  10. Gucci

    He said if I didnt post here, he'd publish my browsing history

    Evening all, new member here. Can't wait to get to know you all enough to say whatever I feel like at any given point. In-game handle: Medez Where you from stranger? The balmy, tropical city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. What drew you to Star Citizen? Bored, also, watching the...
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