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  1. Radegast74

    Butter the popcorn!

    Is this the "Drama" forum? I'm looking for the DRAMA forum, lol
  2. Radegast74

    CIG artists missed the boat!

    I kept thinking about the Hurston artwork, and esp. Lorville, with the workers there wearing the bag filter/masks, and kept thinking, "You know, that is cool and kind of believeable, but it's missing something..." Well, thanks to the engineers at Dyson, now I know what was missing to make it...
  3. Radegast74

    The future of gaming

    Pretty interesting video describing the gaming industry as it stands today. He didn't mention Star Citizen once...phew, we are safe! View:
  4. Radegast74

    Shout out to an unknown TESTie

    When the pandemic hit, I had a LOT more time on my hands at of the things I started doing was watching Twitch streams, and it wasn't too long before I found a real interesting streamer who focused on Star Citizen primarily. One of the things he did was "science" things to try to...
  5. Radegast74

    Annual Kotaku hit piece

    This is an archived link, don't go to the original. Better yet, don't even bother reading it, it really says nothing, and it will be 2min of your life you will never get back. Just wanted to make sure somebody pointed you to the archived link, so they didn't get the...
  6. Radegast74

    Billionaires IN SPACEEEEEEE

    Ok, since nobody else has posted it, I guess I gotta (rolls up sleeves...) Whaddya think of Branson going up first and beating Bezos? Don't care? Neither do I, except Bezos seems pretty pissed about it lol View: Of course, Branson has...
  7. Radegast74

    3.14 PTU Wave 1 is out

    Patch notes:
  8. Radegast74

    Starfield release date reveal

    We finally have a release date: 11/11/22 ...weird, that is 11 years (to the day) that Skyrim was released. LOL, after that, I vowed I would never buy another Bethesda release on day 1. Other than that, and a pretty video we don't know much about this. If I was CIG, I wouldn't rush out SQ42...
  9. Radegast74

    Nvidia announces 3080Ti & 3070Ti

    The announcement came at 10pm last night (Memorial Day in the US) so it silpped under the radar... Anyway, Nvidia announced their 3080Ti and 3070Ti video cards, apparently coming soon (like June 3rd soon, not SoonTM soon, ha ha...that is, if you can find one in stock)...
  10. Radegast74

    Star Citizen "Science" -- Quantum Interdiction

    Hey, This fellow put together a YT video explaining (in great detail) the in's and out's of quantum interdiction, and how to use it. I found it fascinating, as SC really has some realistic logic at its core, but, (as usual) CIG has some "gotchas" that you need to be aware of (like green zones...
  11. Radegast74

    Anybody placing bets?

    Where is this space debris going to land? /s
  12. Radegast74

    Great VOIP tutorial

    I've been looking for something like this, and this is very good, short, and only 4 days old, so not completely deprecated yet...if you don't use VOIP give it a shot, it works great when it works! View:
  13. Radegast74

    Dragon Age to be single-player

    So this was the BioWare IP I was really worried about. I don't know what was going on at all these EA <-> BioWare meetings recently, but it looks like Dragon Age has a fighting chance to be decent...
  14. Radegast74

    And now for something completely different...and pleasantly goofy...

    I found this really cool, this is Clifford Stoll who had about 15 min of fame back in the mid-80's...this is what he is doing today...he is "The Man with 1000 Klein Bottles Under His House: View: How do you make Klein bottles? That's another story...
  15. Radegast74

    Star Citizen Multi-crew demo...from 2015

    I found this a while ago and I've been meaning to post it. It clearly shows that the game has been getting better over time... I'm not sure exactly where this came from, it must have been a demo at some convention, but I can't see where that is clearly attributed. View...
  16. Radegast74

    INS Jericho 3.12 Easter Egg

    Apparently there is a tippy-top-secret base called INS Jericho in 3.12...this being Star Citizen, there are already 2 YT videos on how to find it. I'm gonna try later tonite/early tomorrow... View:
  17. Radegast74

    Wave 1 PTU is out

    Can't wait to see all the birbs out flying in the 'verse!
  18. Radegast74

    The question on every Testie's mind: WHERE IS THE SNOW?

    Geez, with all the salt this year, I was expecting a very nice, white Christmas...and so far?'... Where is @SeungRyul when we need him most?
  19. Radegast74

    Nvidia 3060Ti launches Dec 2

    The price ($399, assumping you can get one) and performance are pretty good, check out the benchmarks: This is a little pricy, but damn, the benchmarks are pretty good. It seems like an age ago...
  20. Radegast74

    IAE Final Daze CCU Game

    I didn't see anybody else posting this, so here goes....NOTE --> I'm not that good at this, if somebody says I'm wrong, go with them...I'll try to correct my post here, when I get a chance. Having gotten the disclaimers out of the way (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK) you can save a chunk of change buying...
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