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  1. Daak Gelrin

    Made an updated Guide for StarCitizen performance - this should help everyone's overall performance, specially on lower end rigs.

    Wow, thank you for this video! I had a lot of these done already, but the few new ones I got from the video greatly improved my performance. Was not expecting that at all!
  2. Daak Gelrin

    Star Citizen reacts to Banu Merchantman update

    Have loved it since the start, even with the design changes. Still have one and will keep it. Excited to see how it progresses.
  3. Daak Gelrin

    Invictus / DefenseCon - What did you pick up or change?

    Mule - Fresh $ Legionnaire - Fresh $ X-wing - CCU'd Idris P - Credits A few other CCU's, and finally scored my Wing Commander F8C
  4. Daak Gelrin

    F5 war you say? I'll never compete in that.

    CIG jpegs bring all the boys to the yard glorious leader.
  5. Daak Gelrin

    F5 war you say? I'll never compete in that.

    $1300 + tax new money $1500 store credits, which I did
  6. Daak Gelrin

    F5 war you say? I'll never compete in that.

    It was kind of fun, but i don't want to do it again, lol. Everyone in test is welcome aboard. with the ships galley stocked at spawn i might have enough alcohol for free drinks for an hour before we tap the starfarer storage tanks...
  7. Daak Gelrin

    I am the liquor

    I too make poor decisions exceptionally well! Welcome to test and may you stumble away from every landing, to find the bar! 🍺
  8. Daak Gelrin

    F5 war you say? I'll never compete in that.

    I failed miserably on Wave 1. Managed to get it in the basket Wave 2. Woke up at 4am to finalize the deal Wave 3. Never thought I'd do that, lol. Glad I did.
  9. Daak Gelrin

    F5 war you say? I'll never compete in that.

    I got the upgrade kit as well. Seems like quite an improvement with all those Point Defense guns and anti-ship missiles. Anyone know if it's a waste or not? I think it takes some cargo away, but not sure how much.
  10. Daak Gelrin

    F5 war you say? I'll never compete in that.

    So, I did an F5 thing, and won! Sorry, but for some reason it feels like I accomplished something and had to share. That is all. Have a great Test day! 🍻
  11. Daak Gelrin

    Let's all @blind owl.

    Can you feel the love!? @Blind Owl
  12. Daak Gelrin

    Ok I have another problem .

    I've never gotten a landing pad marker at Orison, Babbage is hit-or-miss, and all other locations work fine for me. Just a bug. Keep an eye out for doors opening and aim for them. If the pad isn't yours, you see the countdown to impound.
  13. Daak Gelrin

    Upcoming Subscriber Flairs (Updated regularly)

    Coming soon... On a serious note, I have used a light on my pistols in game, not often, but did try them out. I use the under barrel laser mostly though.
  14. Daak Gelrin

    MISC Expanse Sale Now On - $135

    I blacked out at the keyboard, woke up after somebody finished the purchase. I'm in.
  15. Daak Gelrin


    Welcome! May your eyes focus clearly on the correct landing pad after a great night of socializing! 🍻 🥃
  16. Daak Gelrin


    I am interested, for sure. Looks to be a fun ride. We'll see.
  17. Daak Gelrin

    New refuel intro page on RSI

    Very good questions, I'd really like to know more details as well. <Looks at sad Gemini sitting in far corner of hangar, for years...>
  18. Daak Gelrin

    What games are you active on.

    DCS, Project Zomboid, Mechwarrior 5, Battletech, and Kerbal Space Program suck my time away when I'm not a Spaceman. PZ more than the others lately.
  19. Daak Gelrin

    Hi, I'm Jononi

    Welcome to TEST! May the drinks flow freely and you hit the right landing pad! 🍻
  20. Daak Gelrin

    I'm Here.

    Welcome to TEST Headlessnorseman! May the drinks flow freely, and you don't hit the ground too hard! 🍺
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