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  1. vahadar

    [ALL GONE THROUGH BRUTE FORCE] Banu cube redemption code for all !

    Hey all, Following CIG annoucement that the Banu Code will be available for all who can not attend in person a Bar Citizen, here is the code sequence to redeem one on the new RSI redemtion page : The first sequences can be found on the...
  2. vahadar

    Bar Citizen unscratched Babu Cube redemption code card

    edit : removed WTB as the code will be obtainable without attenting a Bar Citizen.
  3. vahadar

    [CLOSED] tons of Scorpius CCU before price jump in 2 weeks.

    I have tons of the following CCUs in BB : Hurricane to Scorpius (25$ melt) * 133 Vulcan to Scorpius (20$ melt) * 26 Corsair to Scorpius (5$ melt) * 103 Selling them at cost + 10% paypal fee + paypal conversion rate to euro + 0.35€ fixed Paypal fee. Rules of my shop applies (edit for...
  4. vahadar

    New Drake ground transport vehicle for Fleet Week

    From leaks. 1-3 SCU worth of cargo Available during Drake Defensecon (during Fleet Week).
  5. vahadar

    PSA - Sabre Raven will become a rarity now - redemption halted by CIG

    For everyone's information, Raven code redemption is now halted by CIG to prevent the duplication of Raven (as explained here View: This is confirmed by SoftpointX, a known Raven code reseller ...
  6. vahadar

    [WTB] various warbond CCUs, if you have spares

    Following the mess we had in February with the buyback system, I'm looking after all those Warbond/old price CCUs to remake my upgrade paths for my fleet, as I have not enough for each of those in my hangar. I put the dates for the last know sales based on stuff in my hangar. If you have a...
  7. vahadar

    Great package atm on RSI shop : 100i starter at 45.50$ USD !

    Its one of the extremely few times a package is cheaper than the ship itself. You save 30%, with a melt value of 45.50$, for a ship usually worth 45$ for warbond as standalone and 50$ as credit version. Plus it is a great token to upgrade from. There are many warbond CCUs that are regulary...
  8. vahadar

    Coramor 2022 contest entries Just to have fun let's post our entries for the Coramor contest under 😜 I do not have much time, it has been months of darkness now, but there it stands in front of me, my hope...
  9. vahadar

    Jump Town PvP Battle Royale and the frenchies

    Posted this in off-topic as not TEST related ;) Terada made 3 videos out of an awesome PvP event we had at Jump Town 2 weeks ago with the french SC streaming community. There were 4 teams of 10 players each (each team lead by a famous french SC streamer) competing vs each other to take...
  10. vahadar

    💥TSMC World of Tonks, SUNDAY December 12, 21:00 UTC / 4:00 PM EDT

    Brief: Tonk battleroyale ! Roam the wastelands of Daymar, kill every thing in sight and the tank crew that will score the most will be remembered as "Team Kaboom" ! COMMANDING OFFICER: @vahadar @Vahl K. Rii Spawn Location: Stanton System -> Crusader -> Grim Hex Comms: TEST Discord -> Voice...
  11. vahadar

    WTB old CCU Carrack to Hull-E

    Hello all, I'm looking to build a second Hull-E for myself, so if anyone has an old Carrack to Hull-E (CCU at 150$ melt when Carrack was 500 and E 650) I would be very happy to find it a new home to apply it on a cheap CCU'ed Carrack ;) Cheers !
  12. vahadar

    Redeemer/Taurus CCUs for sale at cost before they get Invalid in 2022 - help save up to 75$

    Got a bunch of CCUs in buyback that will become invalid in 2022 with Scorpius (assuming Scorpius will hit 250$) and Vulture release : - Scorpius to Redeemer CCU (220 to 250), help save 75$ with new Redeemer price at 325, melt value 30$. - Vulture to Taurus CCU (140 to 150), help save 40$ with...
  13. vahadar

    [CLOSED] WTB Carrack Expedition CCU

    Hello, I have a Carrack to Carrack w/ C8X CCU in hangar bought in March last year, but mistakenly I chose the wrong CCU. I am looking to upgrade one of my OC Carrack to the Expedition with C8X, so I am looking for a Carrack to Carrack Expedition w/C8X CCU or a Carrack w/C8X (if I apply my...
  14. vahadar


    Test 🍻
  15. vahadar

    Idris-M no longer giftable

    Just FYI. So beware of any sale advertising for that :) source :
  16. vahadar

    [CLOSED] WTS 400i

    Sale is closed since they released the Meridian paint separately. Took 2 of them, I'll sell 1, possibly 2 for those without access to that special version with exclusive CitCon paint. The Pre-order version will be removed from store when 3.15 will be released. PayPal fees 10%. This is the...
  17. vahadar

    Full manned stolen Idris vs AI Idris fight - player control turrets

    View: Yes, you can also now stole an Idris and man its turrets :) edit : 3 turrets were manned here
  18. vahadar

    [CLOSED] WTB F7A Upgrade + Omega

    Hello all, Since I'm in an unreasonnable collector shopping spree, I would love to find the following 😆 Mustang Omega (giftable to my account, not already bound on an account), let me know your price ;) Got one finally! F7A mititary upgrade, same, let me know your price ! Purchased it with a...
  19. vahadar

    Optimised LTI CCUed shop, save up to 270$ ! [CLOSED temporary]

    16th February 2022 : SHOP IS TEMPORARY CLOSED AS CIG CHANGED THE WAY BUYBACK WORKS FOR CCUs Need to figure what I can offer with my CCU stock in hangar now. Main shop is still opened : Go to main shop
  20. vahadar

    ♿ Hardflight - Crash'A'lot 💥 - Every Saturday and Sunday

    "Official" Hardflight - Crash'a'Lot youtube channel, only propaganda material 🤓 🍻 Hey all, This thread is made to support our regular hardflying weekly event "Hardflight - Crash'A'Lot" in Star Citizen. (You have the HF logo attached to...
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