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  1. Rodo1jub

    Invictus / DefenseCon - What did you pick up or change?

    Bought anvil trio pack (with new anvil ship). Upgrade one ship to super hornet. Bought hammerhead to polaris CCU And carrack exploration with c8x to hammeehead CCU And super hprnet to cosair CCU Credit card is not happy..... Oh....amd Scorious paint
  2. Rodo1jub

    WTB Crusader C2 LTI

    I want to buy C2 crusader with LTI. Hit me with your best prices :D
  3. Rodo1jub

    Improved frame rates coming your way in 3.17!

    When is goes live?
  4. Rodo1jub

    Let's all @blind owl.

    This is Ghost owl. @Blind Owl must have at least 60 % alcohol ;)
  5. Rodo1jub

    It's quiet...

    We are still here. I agree with vahadar findings, Let see what our beloved leader has to say regarding statistics.
  6. Rodo1jub


    Media is picturing everything for a long time now (COVID and Russian invasion are just latest examples) as BLACK or WHITE..... All political statements are always BLACK or WHITE. But sadly (or luckely) the truth is always...always every color in between. Everything but BLACK or WHITE....
  7. Rodo1jub

    What games are you active on.

    Hmmm....Mostly SC now Played WoT a loooooot. Had a really nice collector account. Toooons of premium, rare and reward tanks......Got hacked 2 years ago....probably moderator were involve in stealing of my i dont play WoT anymore. Played WoWS a bit....too slow gameplay for me...
  8. Rodo1jub

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    When this game ends? Is there any dates?
  9. Rodo1jub

    Most wanted ship ? .

    Idris military edition, but then...... Then i remember those big ships will not be single player i am really happy flying in my carrack. And i really really like it! When i first played this game, Conny was the ship i read all about, wanting to have her, but then my student...
  10. Rodo1jub

    Bugs, problems and workaround

    Bug thingy: Anyone else having problem aiming for next QT jump when on group bounty mission? This is only happening when two QT marks are on the same spot...mostly on atmospheric bounty mission when mining facility xy is in the same place as next bounty target. Then when you move mouse to it...
  11. Rodo1jub

    Advice please! Moving house, but there's a problem

    Dont worry..i am living with 20/5 speed for some time now, been worse in the past. Now i am at 30/8. Internet is via LTE mobile network... You will get used to it at least...having dream house in countyside wins every time!
  12. Rodo1jub

    Happy New Year testes!!!

    Happy New Year ppl
  13. Rodo1jub

    Ares Ion is nerfed to crap in the PTU

    Hmmm.....tring Ion today for first time after update..... It is really different....happened to me today for first time in Ion that PVE killed me... It was definetly a nerf.....and big one...
  14. Rodo1jub

    CIG marketing once again is clueless

    Wrong link?
  15. Rodo1jub

    CIG marketing once again is clueless

    Oh.... Hehehe Didnt see anything more stupid as a final gift for some event.....anywhere But it is still not the worst "present" in this 12 day event. Day 06 is still worse. I have in my hangar item called sneak peak 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 What can i do with it? Spread it on bread and eat it? I can...
  16. Rodo1jub

    Optimised LTI CCUed shop, save up to 270$ ! [CLOSED temporary]

    Hello, As shop will reopen soon, can i reserve normal carrack LTI? Pretty please :)
  17. Rodo1jub


    And one other thing :D Feel free to add me as a friend ingame :) I play on EU servers.
  18. Rodo1jub

    Just some random cooking

    Now we are at good good goood food! Congatz!!
  19. Rodo1jub

    Ares Ion is nerfed to crap in the PTU

    GJolly green giant. We need to go to drink few beers. Same post in the same time:drunk::drunk:
  20. Rodo1jub

    Ares Ion is nerfed to crap in the PTU

    Link is not working.
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