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  1. Dirtbag_Leader

    Will Connies be getting further work?

    I don't remember if I've heard anything one way or the other, so does anyone know if there's any currently 'planned' work on an/all of the Constellations? Not that I think any are in a 'bad' place, but I certainly feel that they're due for some sort of pass to bring them up to the more modern...
  2. Dirtbag_Leader

    Tired of always remapping joysticks in SC!

    Please contribute to my bug report; I'm SO tired of dealing with this!
  3. Dirtbag_Leader

    Scorpius expectations?

    I'm sorta excited about this one, mostly because I really like 2-seat fighters. I've had the SH forever for that reason, and also love the Vanguard for it. I've never warmed up to the Hurricane, but I think that's because it always seemed quite similar to the Vanguard just without the...
  4. Dirtbag_Leader

    God I LOVE Xenothreat!

    This anyone else's favorite part of the game to date? Got bits of everything: flying, dogfighting, FPS, multitool, capital ships, and wonderful comradery with random people teaming up to jump in turrets, lend multitools, shuffle cargo, fly cover, etc. Plus good paydays :D Highlight today was...
  5. Dirtbag_Leader

    How do you 'do' Quantanium?

    Haven't played around with this yet and need to try it. I *think* I need at least a Prospector (only at asteroids, so ROC won't work, right?), find/mine the ore from an asteroid, then take it to an R&R to refine it, and then use a cargo ship to move the refined stuff to a big port to sell. Is...
  6. Dirtbag_Leader

    Anyone use a portable secondary monitor?

    Tired of alt-tabbing in/out of SC whenever I need to visit discord, browser, etc. I'd love to have like a tablet-sized touchscreen where I can access other windows while leaving SC up on the main screen. Haven't really been able to find the right product/way to do this yet though. Anyone out...
  7. Dirtbag_Leader

    Medium-sized ships discussion

    Hey Testers, seeking a bit of open discussion and opinions here. I'm trying to plan out my ultimate Polaris upgrade path and well, I've bogged myself down as to which of the medium sized ships I want to keep in the fleet vs. which can be can be sacrificed for the Polaris. Here's my current...
  8. Dirtbag_Leader

    Anyone want my HullE -> Polaris CCU?

    Have collected a few Polaris CCUs for possible future use, but due to the limited availability of the Hull E I doubt I'll end up using this particular one. But any Testies out there with a Hull E that might want this? Only $25 for a CCU 'worth' $100.
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