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  1. Lorddarthvik

    Internal cumbustion builds..Cars/Bikes/Trucks..Show them old build pics etc...

    @Doc Flanigan Can'"t really comment on those mate. Don't really have the words for how sick and awesome those are! lol @GPcustoms TBH I never really "got" the looks of the OG or this new Supra, it's just not my thing, but that red+black/CF combo is sexy! @stockish That looks cute! Also looks...
  2. Lorddarthvik

    is the hornet wildfire worth it?

  3. Lorddarthvik

    State of the Squadron 52

    70-80 range if I'm being optimist on the SQ42 Probably 110+ for Beta.
  4. Lorddarthvik


    Can't wait to play Skyrim in Spaaaaaaaace! Seriously! I just hope it gets fixed up by the community to a playable standard as fast as all other Bethesda RPGs before it :)
  5. Lorddarthvik

    Star Citizen close to previous year record Invictus sales

    SC is slowly seeping into the mainstream, it's perfectly reasonable to remain bullish. I think the Fury is overpriced for what it offers. It's not gonna catch new pledgers without quantum, yet it competes with the same pricepoint as entry level gamepackages. It's confusing to newcomers at...
  6. Lorddarthvik

    So uhhh… what did you buy from 2953 Invictus event so far?

    Haven't seen anything of interest, so nothing as usual.
  7. Lorddarthvik

    New Single Seater tank! Tumbril Storm and Lynx Rover - video

    yay, another bunch of LTI tokens! .... I'm not amused or enthralled by any of em. Ima gonna pass.
  8. Lorddarthvik

    "The Creator"

    Curious. Might be something watchable.
  9. Lorddarthvik

    The Ignoble Death of Indiana Jones

    Truth. Ya know, after what they did with the SW sequels and shows, and then all the Marvel movies after Endgame... I just couldn't even care at this point. They turned the audience into the worst possible thing, totally uninterested. Even having a huge audience of haters is better then having...
  10. Lorddarthvik

    New blood saying hello.

    Hello there!
  11. Lorddarthvik

    Are You Doing Your Part?

    I already played a few rounds, it's pretty damn intense and fun! Looks decent, weapons feel mostly okay, rockets turn the bugs to nice big clouds of green mist, there's shitloads of them, lots of chaos, the base building is simple, fast, but effective. The only thing I really miss is the og...
  12. Lorddarthvik

    Are You Doing Your Part?

    STARSHIP TROOPERS EXTERMINATION! Is out Now in Early Access! Come on you apes! You wanna live forever?!
  13. Lorddarthvik


    Did the tutorial, worked mostly fine, then went and checked out New Lorville. It's friggin huge and looks great (If I ignore the couple of holes into the void cos some block of buildings/ground is missing)! Being able to fly under all the bridges, even at ground level if you exit the zone fast...
  14. Lorddarthvik


    I was about to ask are we there yet, then checked the launcher. IT IS LIVE!
  15. Lorddarthvik

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Thank you! I'm rarely happy with my makes. There's a lot of things that could be done way better on this one when you look at it from close up like on the camera, but from a real world distance I really love it. It will be sitting on my desk for quiet a while! Started cleaning up the the big...
  16. Lorddarthvik

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Small test version done, bit a disaster but mostly in spots you won't really notice. I did a quick paintjob, well, it took like 5+ hours cos no access to my airbrush and watching a season of anime in the bg does make progress a tiny bit slower, but I really enjoyed doing it instead of my usual...
  17. Lorddarthvik

    New tank incoming, Tumbril Storm

    10m long, 3.5 tall, 7wide according to that vijeo. It's as small and practical as your avarage 'murican pickup truck then... I'm absolutely not interested in this one. Too anime, too big, it doesn't feel like it belongs. At least the Nova has the sexy rake shape even if it's oversized. (*looks...
  18. Lorddarthvik

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    I found some time finally, and I might have just about managed to tame this thing into an actually printable shape. I noticed that it's still missing a few things (like the rear hatch didn't exist on this holoviewer model, so I just added some extra lines there, also non of the wheels were...
  19. Lorddarthvik

    Screenshots! Let’s see yours!

    I'm on a 1080p monitor so I was using that. Yesterday after asking this question I realized I could try using supersampling to up the render resolution beyond my monitors native res. So I tried playing at 1440p (that gets downscaled to 1080) and it worked! It looks so much more crisp and clean...
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