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    Subscriber Warbond CCU this month

    And another Subscriber WB CCU this month - The Prowler: Ship Normal ship price CCU ship price Saving Cheapest CCU starting option Minimum Cost CCU Maximum CCU Discount Prowler $440 $410 $30 $400 (Limited) - C2 Hercules, Reclaimer $315 (Perment) - MOLE $10 (Limited) $95 (Permanent) 75%...
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    Upcoming Subscriber Flairs (Updated regularly)

    Centurion (and Imperator): Imperator: Store: Inflation has also hit - These are priced at $4 each, rather than the $3 of past knives. As compensation, however, there's also a WB CCU available: Ship Normal ship price CCU ship price Saving Cheapest CCU starting option Minimum Cost CCU...
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    WTB stuff - and my LTI wishlist for this year and after

    I knew about the add-ons, but it's a shame that they also include the contents of those in the "base" pack each year and mark up the price considerably, rather than leave the legacy pack in place (price increases as applicable for ships in it going up in cost) with the option to buy specific...
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    WTB stuff - and my LTI wishlist for this year and after

    From what I can tell (based on the little research I have conducted), the Verse, Inceptor, Provectus, Dominus, Praetorian, and Legatus packs contain the flair previously available in the "Voyager Direct" store, along with the paints\models\posters\etc. for the included ships and a number of...
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    WTB stuff - and my LTI wishlist for this year and after

    I'm fairly sure there is no model\poster for the Warlock, as the information I have about the Legatus pack (I can't see it in the store yet - And hopefully(?) won't for years to come....) indicates there isn't a model\poster for the ship included. As every other ship with a...
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    The Ignoble Death of Indiana Jones

    The "failure" of the Indiana Jones movie was in relation to it not hitting the $900 million "break even" mark - I recall (but couldn't track down) a recent Doomcock video where it was mentioned that if the movie didn't reach that amount, then KK was going to be personally blamed for the failure...
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    The Ignoble Death of Indiana Jones

    An interesting theory in the video is that Disney (Or at least Bob Iger) is happy for the new Indiana jones movie to be bad, as it would help him to clear out Disney employees who are holding back the company.
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    is the hornet wildfire worth it?

    The reason would go back to "Voyager Direct" and the ability for players to purchase weapons and components for cash (via UEC) to fit out ships as they wanted - CIG made some pre-configured models using these, then added the component costs to the base ship's price. While "Voyager Direct" was...
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    Quick question about buybacks.

    I wonder how the grey market would handle that announcement - Those selling items from buyback would have less issue, but the CCU sellers would be forced to discount, melt, or apply their items which would theoretically drive prices down to ensure that they weren't stuck with the items\credits...
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    Anyone catch this on ISC?

    The main thing I got from it is that I'll need to find someone to carry me through Pirate Swarm (and alien swarm?) in the next few weeks...
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    State of the Squadron 52

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    PSA: Upcoming ship price rises

    It's a useful bridge from the Scorpius Antares (If you picked up WB CCU's to it) to the MSR WB CCU from a Hoplite (again, if you picked any up), or from the Cutlass Steel once the increase takes effect... The Avenger Titan is likely to be the most useful, due to the rarity of low-value ship's...
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    The making of an LTI Perseus.

    A quick addition: Due to CIG's "timely" communications, a couple of changes to the "ongoing" chains could add to (or remove from) the expected savings: Extra $5 saving for the "non giftable, non-meltable" chain, splitting the "P-52 to Arrow" ccu into 3 sections: A CCU from the P-52 to one of...
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    PSA: Upcoming ship price rises

    Courtesy of CIG's timely communications, we now know that several ships had their prices increased in the past few hours, then dropped to their original price, with the price increase now pushed back to June 27...
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    The making of an LTI Perseus.

    I can certainly give it a shot... I should have recovered from this exercise by then :) While this was done (in part) in pursuit of a possible hangar addition, I'd also noticed that most CCU guides tend to rely on hindsight regarding what CCU's you "should" have bought earlier in the sale, and...
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    The making of an LTI Perseus.

    Final savings: LTI, non-giftable, "in hangar" - $160 LTI, non-giftable, "ongoing" - $160 LTI, giftable, "in hangar" - $140 LTI, giftable, "ongoing" - $140 Not the best series of events for discounts, unfortunately.
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    The making of an LTI Perseus.

    Finale chains:
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    My new fleet so far

    I believe this may be what you are looking for:
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    Personal weapon insurance in 3.19

    For those running bunkers, etc. and wanting to use and keep a pledge or aUEC purchased weapon (Looted weapons apparently don't work), this may be of interest...
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