1. gustavolrcoelho

    Can I sell my buyback pledges?

    Hello guys, I've been aware of the gray market for years now, but never delved into it. I know that you can trade ships into other accounts throught the gift system and I kinda know that that's tha way it is done, still, how does it work, exactly? I had the habit of getting some ships then...
  2. Lordgarrett99

    TEST unofficial trading sheet/graphs, send in your trading data today :D

    THE FORM TO CONTRIBUTE:(updated 7pm PST 6/26/2020) WATCH THE DATA/GRAPHS HERE(ignore the various stuff in the preview)...
  3. LilleMats

    Trading is NOT for pussies

    Hey. well i'm a huge trade/cargo hauler in game and i find that part of the game to be the most exciting atm, just flying around testing all and every trade route i could possibly find. 30k's seem to have become a lot less usual lately and in having me make huge profits to. ohh i cant even...
  4. SullyQuindarius

    [WTT] Prospector for Carrack

    Looking to trade an LTI Prospector (CCU'd from an Anvil Hawk Warbond LTI) for a CCU from the Connie Aquila to the Carrack. I'll take a series of CCUs too. I've had no luck finding one so far...
  5. Stevetank

    Tanks's Merchantman sale

    (ಠ o ಠ)¤=[]:::::>
  6. DelBoyJamie

    [TRADE?] I'd love to upgrade to a better ship from my MR please read

    Hey guys. I appreciate all the kind and wonderful people here who have showed me ships and let me borrow them even if for only 10-15 mins or till I die.
  7. Stevetank

    A BUK for a Sentinel

    Dearest brethren (and ladies), I regret to inform you that I have found out about the vast wonders of the Vanguard far too late in time. The ability to swap between ships by exchanging the middle room is something of wonder and only reserved for the Hornet, or so I thought. I have lunged deep...
  8. KingNerd

    WTS Khartu-Al

    EDIT: WTS ... NOT WTF! LOL Hello TESTies! I have a 24 month Khartu-Al light fighter that I picked up during the flash sale at Gamescom, I'd like to get a Herald (which I've found someone willing to help me get one) and I need some help getting it! If you have a herald and something else to...
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